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UFOs, Debunk, Why Do Debunkers Debunk Part Two, A Look Inside the Truth

Anatomy of the UFO Debunkers - Part Two

This is a four part series, the next two parts will be posted over the next two mornings. Links to previous parts are below.

Is the art of debunkery only used by skeptics with a sinister agenda to sabotage the whole UFO phenomenon? Or can any good come out of this process at all?
Alright, a little debunkery is necessary and healthy. You have to start by attempting to disprove a particular UFO case, see if it holds water, to determine if it's a mistaken sighting, a genuine sighting, or a hoax. It could be just an airplane high in the sky, a weather balloon, or even a silver-painted Frisbee tossed up there for laughs. It could be a trick of the light, an optical illusion, heat waves dancing on a rooftop, anything at all. It could be a bird, or a plane, or even Superman! Alright, that last one should definitely be debunked.

We have to be debunkers first, then if the evidence is conclusive and credible enough, we can decide that it's quite possibly legitimate. So amen to healthy debunkery. But over-zealous cynical debunkery is dangerous. When they diligently claim all UFO cases are false, because ETs don't really exist, that's the extremist view of debunkery. All cases must be weighed with a balanced process and attitude. Otherwise, the truth can't be ascertained.
The usual stubborn debunker claims that alien ships have not ever visited our world, that witnesses are imagining things, or they're just telling tall tales. They act according to their staunch skeptical beliefs without even trying to find the truth of the matter. From one standpoint it sounds like they're too lazy to find out, but I think it's that they're afraid to discover what the truth is.

Stanton Friedman, in his book Flying Saucers and Science, says, "Another important rule for some of the attackers is that absence of evidence is evidence for absence." This means that if they don't see the proof with their own eyes, it's probably not there. Basically it means they're not looking for it. They're not looking for proof, evidence, circumstances, or any information that would justify the existence of UFOs and ETs. Debunkers don't want to admit it, but they are ostriches sticking their heads in the sand. They don't want to know the truth, and they don't want to find out. Their truth is the only true, in their opinion, even if it's wrong.
When there are reports of UFO sightings, quite often we hear reasonable explanations such as experimental aircraft (whether US, Russian, or whomever), weather balloons, lights on airplanes, hoaxes, swamp gas, optical illusions, wild imagination, etc. Such ideas may come from the media, or planted by some unknown intelligence faction, or the usual debunkers. Yes, exploring the most reasonable explanations is healthy, but if none of the usual criteria can actually apply, you just may have a real alien spacecraft on your hands.
Often someone from the Intelligence community, or a hired shyster, will spread disinformation to deny the usual UFO accounts. And sometimes they toss in totally absurd stories intending to make the whole UFO phenomenon sound ludicrous. Much of this you'll read in the tabloids as well. When you see a photo of the president shaking the hand of a bug-eyed, big-headed grey alien in a tabloid rag, you have to know it's phony - right?

To clarify a point, or to insult most people's intelligence, we're talking about Unidentified Flying Objects, or UFOs. In general, all of those mysterious objects these witnesses observed have been flying objects that were not clearly identified. They could be anything from a weather balloon to a Frisbee. Claiming you witnessed a UFO is pretty general, so it could be anything at all, and not necessarily alien in origin. That's why people have to be specific, and if an eyewitness can confidently declare that what he has seen is an alien spacecraft, then we should consider it. I didn't say totally agree with him, but his case must be thoroughly investigated to determine exactly what he saw.
Sadly, the expert debunker, as well as the lazy armchair debunker, will too hastily declare these eyewitnesses as crazy crackpots, not considering any clues or evidence to the contrary. So, with help from those pesky debunkers, UFOs are being swept under the rug by the government - joining with the rest of the cover-ups and conspiracies that run rampant across the planet.
So, are the observing aliens shaking their bug-eyed big heads at our foolishness? It's hard to tell -we don't know if they really exist.

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Source and Author: R. R. Stark

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