Thursday, August 4, 2011

UFOs, Debunk, Why Do Debunkers Debunk Part One, A Look Inside the Truth

Anatomy of the UFO Debunkers - Part One

This is a four part series, the next three parts will be posted over the next three mornings.
Why do those pesky UFO debunkers feel compelled to hastily debunk UFOs? Why are they so passionate to add to the ongoing UFO cover-ups, to keep the truth concealed?

Since UFOs and ETs exist, in my estimation, so do those dastardly debunkers! But according to them, only the things exist that they declare can exist, and alien life is not one of them. Although I believe UFOs exist, I wish that debunkers didn't.
Those pesky UFO bunkers are essentially snide cynical skeptics that live in the dark ages and probably still believe that the Earth is flat. In other words, they're not trying too hard to find the real truth about the existence of UFOs or life-forms beyond our world. You can't talk to them about the evidence, because they can't handle the truth. I believe it's high time to debunk those wild and crazy debunkers.
So why are they so anxious to debunk the existence of UFOs and ETs? Is it political? Is it religious? Is it the money? Is it something as simple of 15 minutes of fame?  Is it greed? Is it fear? What are they afraid of? And are they Intelligence agents, hired guns, or just ordinary skeptics? There are as many questionable answers as there are unanswerable questions. And even though the evidence for UFOs is out there, but often suppressed, is there evidence for why debunkers are so desperate to debunk the UFO phenomenon? Well, it's out there too, but we have to dig for it, just like we have to dig for the evidence of UFOs.

It's true that many people flat-out disbelieve in UFOs and ETs, and those sly debunkers come from this crowd of loyal skeptics. Many people disbelief for religious reasons, because the idea of alien life beyond the Earth crimps the style of the Christians' salvation plan. Often people disbelieve for scientific reasons, because evolution declares that life was a fluke and only exists on Earth and nowhere else in the universe. For once, we have atheists and Christians agreeing on a particular point! But that doesn't necessarily make them right.
We live in a world where we can only accept hard cold facts, and solid evidence makes us feel safe. Anything weird or ooky-spooky makes us feel uncomfortable. The supernatural, the paranormal, or the mystical makes people uneasy, and usually scares the pants off of them. But why?

Some people feel safe when they say, "There's no such things as ghosts." Many people believe the material world is all there is, or that all they see around them is all there is. Anything beyond that can't exist. Realms of the mystical, the supernatural, the paranormal, the extra-dimensional, etc., do not really exist according to these skeptics. Alien life is included in this list, although UFOs and ETs are phenomena of this material universe. Certain theorists claim some ETs are extra-dimensional beings, but that's beside the point right now. The UFO phenomenon falls in that grey area far out on the fringe of reality, since that particular reality is highly questionable, especially to the debunkers. Those obnoxious debunkers would rather we all live inside the box, and thinking or acting outside the box is not acceptable. Their job is to keep us safely inside the box, or to corral all the strays that are trying to get away, those who deny that UFOs and alien life is bogus.

We can't be close-minded. We have to ask, "What's really going on out there? What's the truth?" We're a boxed-in society, so it's time to climb out and look for the truth.
Article Source and Author: R. R. Stark
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