Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UFO, Wikileaks Info Demanded Under Patriot Act, Breaking News

US Espionage Investigation Against WikiLeaks:-> PATRIOT Act Order Unsealed 

There are not many cases I sit on the fence about but this entire Wikileaks Case has been very bizarre from the start. At times Julian Assange has been portrayed as hero at other times a useful dupe. Then there are the very strange sex scandals, in of all places, Sweden. The immense and unprecedented interest by both the UK and the US government adds another element of intrigue. Then there is the content of the information leaked, some it would appear to be explosive but when you get right down to it, it is info that most of us already knew. The vast majority is Foreign Service gossip that was embarrassing but not earthshaking. So...the jury it still out in my estimation, if some credible UFO information is ever forthcoming then it will be elevated to a level of great importance. Until then the jury is still deliberating. 

Further proof has emerged of the United States secret Grand Jury investigation into Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  More information has been demanded on the organization and its founder for the US courts, this time under the PATRIOT Act.  The Federal Grand Jury has been meeting in Alexandria, Washington DC trying to work up an espionage case against the organization’s founder, Julian Assange.
The latest information demanded is anything held by WikiLeaks DNS host, Dynadot in California, regarding Wikileaks.org, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks have just received a copy of the recently unsealed court Order from the United States, signed by a US magistrate judge on the 4th of January 2011.
Using the terms of the PATRIOT Act the Order was issued to Dynadot, the domain registrars for Wikileaks.org, for all information they hold on WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and Wikileaks.org.
The Order demands Dynadot handover the following information for the time period November 1st, 2009 to present, within three days of the date of the Order:
1.  Subscriber names, user names, screen names, or other identities;
2.  Mailing addresses, residential addresses, business address, e-mail addresses,       and other contact information;
3. Connection records, or record of session times and durations;
4. Length of service (including start date) and typos of service utilized;
5. Telephone or instrument number or other subscriber number or identity; including any temporarily assigned network address; and 6. means and source of payments for such service (including any credit card or bank account number) and billing records.
1. Records of user activity for any connections made to or from the Account
2. Non-content information associated with the contents of any communication or file stored by or for the account(s), such as the source and destination email address and IP addresses.

3. Correspondence and notes of records related to the account

WikiLeaks Press Release

Wednesday 24th August 2011

WikiLeaks.Org does not know what, if any, information Dynodot has provided to the US Courts. This demand follows a subpoena earlier this year to Twitter for the information it holds on WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and some of his associates.

For further information, please read the full Dynadot court Order here.


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