Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Mass UFO sighting spooks town of Katherine Australia

A MASS UFO - sighting in Katherine has spooked believers and non-believers alike. During his investigations into recent UFO sightings in the region UFOlogist Alan Ferguson met with locals to hear about their unexplainable experiences, and a group of people gathered near one of the last sighting places, the Strongbala Men’s Healing Centre, on Thursday night, where a group of sceptics and believers spotted an unidentified flying object in the sky. “I guess the time for sceptics is over,” Ufologist Ferguson said.

Ufologist Alan Ferguson

A bright light appeared on the night sky, while Mr Ferguson was interviewing people, who said they believed they had seen UFOs over Katherine before.
“Something caught my eye,” Mr Ferguson said.
“It was a bright white light.”

Witness Carrina Turner, 23, said the light was hovering in the sky, “really, really bright”, before it disappeared all of a sudden.
"But a few seconds later it was back, and it was kinda going on and off, like it had a pulse,” she said.
Mr Ferguson said before the UFO disappeared it “shot” across the sky “at speed”.
“It was going at least twice as fast as a satellite would normally travel across the sky”, he said.
Ten people witnessed the unexplainable event.

“Katherine has become UFO mecca,” Mr Ferguson said.
“During my investigations I ask a lot of questions to get a feel whether people just wanna bulls... you or whether it’s believable what they’ve seen.
“When I came to Katherine I did not expect to find so many people who had seen and documented their UFO experiences.
"Katherine is in a UFO hot spot.”

In the recent weeks a lot of people have come forward  to tell their stories about UFO sightings.

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