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Project X: the Petition

By Peter Dunn

Part One: the Question on 08/23/2011

The basic premise that I am going to set out here: with this article, is that our visitors – the extraterrestrials – are asking us a question; a question to which they expect us to respond. Now they are not asking this question of those to whom we have entrusted our governance - forget all that, 'Take me to your leader,' nonsense. They are waiting for a response to their question from us: the ordinary people – and the only true power – here on Planet Earth.

However: before we have a look at this 'question', and then go on to examine a way in which we might respond to it let's first establish that there is - indeed - evidence of interactions between those that pilot the strange aerial vehicles that we see in our skies and the awestruck, earth bound witnesses who can only stand there watching and wondering.

In my estimation the best evidence that we have received - so far - that our cosmological cousins are trying to communicate something to us: something that is at once both urgent and profound, came on the 16 September 1994. The location for this 'interactive event' was the Ariel Elementary School in Ruwa: a small rural township situated 20 kilometers from Harare in Zimbabwe. All of the eyewitnesses to this event: all sixty-two of them, were children between the ages of five and twelve. They all told the same sensational story. They all drew strikingly similar pictures: in chalk on a blackboard and in crayon in their school books, depicting an encounter with a 'little man' that emerged from a craft that had descended from the sky.

A lot of this highly credible, testimonial evidence was elicited from the children by Dr John E Mack: the celebrated psychiatrist who – unfortunately – was tragically killed by a drunk driver in 2004. His gentle, diligent questioning: conducted in situ in a classroom at the Ariel School, brought forth a stream of remarkably consistent answers that both astound - and illuminate - from the young students.

They described the entity: which had appeared during playtime between lessons, as being approximately a meter tall with a 'scrawny' neck and long black hair. We are obviously not looking at the typical 'grey' here. And the one thing that they all found disturbing about this extraordinary creature: a singular aspect that seems to have left a lasting impression upon them, was its eyes. These were almond shaped, very large and very black.

Now according to some of these young witnesses the 'little man' spoke to them, 'With his eyes.' A most unusual statement for a child to come up with. It seems – to me – to infer that what the children experienced: and couldn't properly explain, was telepathic thought transferal. The thoughts transmitted in this manner were not, however, particularly pleasant for a young mind to receive: for they implanted terrifying visions of the ending of their world.

For those of us who are not, now, children the awful truth: that the future of our planet is far from guaranteed, has become a reality that we must live with day by day. Despite this we obstinately remain just bystanders as we let the news: all of it bad, roll over us. An oil spill here and a flood there: followed by famine, death, disease and war. Global warming, nuclear contamination from exploding reactors, heavy duty industrial poisons sprayed across our skies and pumped into our oceans. Do we we really need to be told that we are going wrong?

Yet the children of Ruwa have passed on to us a message: from a visitor who has traveled an awful long way to deliver that message, that something about us – something about our world and they way we live in it – needs to change. Are we going to ignore this message?

A lot of the interviews – conducted by Dr John Mack with the children of Ariel School – were filmed and can now be watched on YouTube. Go watch them. Let the wide-eyed sincerity of those young witnesses deliver the message directly to the person to whom it was ultimately addressed: you.

So the extraterrestrial is not here to just passively observe the human race scurrying about like ants in a nest under a rock. Nor are they simply just passing through on their way to another galaxy. They are here because we are here. They are here to interact. So lets try and work out, exactly, what they are asking of us. Then we can examine a surprisingly easy – if somewhat novel – way in which we can respond.

To read the rest of the article and the petition Follow this Link.

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