Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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Pilots see huge triangular shaped 
shadow of UFO

A clip from 'UFOs: The Hard Evidence (volume 1)' where a pilot reports seeing a huge shadow of a triangular shaped craft passing across the right wing of his airplane while flying one day... Yet neither himself nor his co-pilot could see what was creating this shadow! The shadow was so clear and well defined their immediate concern was whatever was creating it had to have been dangerously close to their own aircraft. The airplane was traveling at approximately 100 mph (160 kmh) while the triangle shadow was traveling at approximately 200 mph (over 300 kmh).

I don't know anything about invisibility but presumably the craft wasn't completely invisible inasmuch as light was unable to pass through it (the shadow). Perhaps it was a classified (terrestrial) craft as the British and US military have made public their ability to create the optical illusion of invisibility with both small and large objects. When you watch the rest of the clip however the presenter (who is very knowledgeable) makes it clear that while he definitely accepts a certain number of UFO reports have their explanation in military endevours, he doesn't believe this case is one such example. This testimony was one of numerous in the area at the time of both a triangular shaped shadow and also a triangular shaped craft. The man with the camera around his neck is a journalist who was covering the story.
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