Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aliens, Urgent Warning About Putting Weapons in Space, Alien False Flag Event, Alien News

Dr. Carol Rosin was the first woman corporate manager of fairchild industries and was spokes person for Wehrner Von Braun in the last years of his life.

Dr. Carol Rosin worked directly under Verner Von Braun, the NAZI V2 Rocket Scientist from Operation Paperclip. That's a pretty solid inside connection to a very serious source. I don't think she is making this up at all. 

She founded the Institute for security and Cooperation in Outer space in Washington DC and has testified before congress on many occassions about space based weapons.

Von Braun revealed to Dr. Rosin a plan to justify weapons in space based on an extraterrestrial threat.

She was also present at meetings in the 70's when the scenario for the Gulf war of the 1990's was planned.


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