Monday, August 1, 2011

Aliens, UFOs, Hollywood Could Do a Much Better Job,

Hollywood's Obsession with Aliens

I am all for great action films but once in a while you would like to see Hollywood use their imagination and do a thought provoking film on aliens. 

It is unfortunate that Hollywood has had a major an impact on how the world views aliens, alien threats, alien invasions and all manner of things aliens. Don't get me wrong Hollywood has has a few good aliens (mentioned below) but for the most part the good aliens are viewed as lightweight and not very meaningful. A fear of the unknown is a powerful stumbling block for mankind but unnecessary scare tactics do nothing to advance that thought that there may be species that inhabit the universe that are not hell bent on a war with mankind. 

The first major film to advance the notion that aliens may have something more on their mind other then the annihilation of man was ET, so it has been proven that Hollywood can make a great deal of money with a gentler, tamer alien. But, once again, ET's mission was to travel the universe collecting species of plants, there has got to be a much more original byline then that. 

The most recent film that attempted to portray aliens in a humane light was Avatar but then, as only Hollywood can they go and have the American military try to wipe them out and we are right back to the stale Hollywood battle with the Aliens. 

If Hollywood could open their minds to the infinite possibilities that alien movies could present to movie goers;  showing us the 15 mile high volcano that has recently been discovered,  water that could fill the earths oceans 140 trillion times, a realistic look at the rings of Saturn, how aliens traverse the universe (something other then the worn out wormhole) different type of alien craft with a thought as to how the propulsion system works, a few theories as to why mankind only catches a glimpse of a UFO before it disappear. How about where and how do aliens live, not like Avatar in the trees, this is romantic but not at all believable.  The possibilities are endless and the potential to make great sums of money is only limited by the imagination that Hollywood would be willing to put into it! 

I suspect that we will continue to see movies about aliens because they make money and I would also suspect that Hollywood will not climb out of their box to provide us with thought provoking movies on aliens. This old look at aliens really goes to show you how such a fantastic topic can be made stale with the same (the world is going to end) story line every time.

Show us something that says aliens come in all shapes and sizes and don't use them for comic relief. Think about an alien that is easy to like instead of easy to despise. No more Mork and Mindy genre and no more Battle Star Gallactica or for that matter Star Trek. Make it about the aliens not humans. If they have been around for hundreds of thousands of years before man can you only imagine the stories they would be able to tell! 

So, as you can see, aliens are all around us and they're not likely to head home anytime soon. They're not a fad, a flash in the pan or a passing trend; but a part of the very make up of TV and movies. A universally approachable concept that like cop shows or medical dramas can be re-booted, re-imagined and returned to time and time again for audiences the world over. And whilst spaceship shows are in the midst of an unprecedented decline you don't really need to ask why. When Hollywood lets their imagination go stale we start to see shows disappear. It is not because people will not watch them but because people will not watch the same things over and over again. 
Instead of re-booting the same old tired story they need to get creative, maybe with some original thought going into these TV shows and movies we can start to turn the tide that aliens are in fact nothing to be afraid of; the fact that Hollywood could possibly help in the disclosure effort it tantalizing but most likely not very realistic. 

Can you only imagine if Hollywood put it time effort, money into exposing the great government cover-up, we could really make some headway. 

Apparently even Harrison Ford thinks that Hollywood is not being creative enough! Video (1 min)

To say that Hollywood could do a better job with movies depicting aliens is an understatement. When your major star acts like this it is because the movie did not have enough imagination and credibility! That is not to say it did not have entertainment value! 
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