Tuesday, August 2, 2011

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Star Child, human alien hybrid?

I have followed stories about these skulls in the past and have been reluctant to post much about them because it is difficult to decipher fact from fiction but this is an intriguing video which I think you will find interesting. 

Lloyd Pye is a respected researcher.  The breakfast show in New Zealand explores the Star Child Skull and explains a little bit about its origins and the possibility of it being from a human alien hybrid.

Mr Pye will be having the Star Child Skull's going through more DNA tests to confirm if the father was human. The latest DNA testing shows that the mother was human, and the father appears to be alien.

Lloyd Pye makes a compelling case that this skull is so different in shape, size, texture and weight that it is not of this world or some type of human alien 

While we are talking about things happening in New Zealand, this is the latest UFO Sighting over Auckland August 2, 2011. 

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