Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UFO,The Phoenix Lights, How Large Was the Craft Witnessed by Thousands

 How large was the craft described as the Phoenix Lights

If you are unfamiliar with the Phoenix Lights please follow this link.
No one disputes that the "Phoenix Lights" was an actual craft. At first the military attempted to tell the public that they were flares dispensed from military aircraft. After so many witnesses came forward with details of the sighting it was extremely clear that these were not flares. Not even the military holds on to this story any more, the caliber and the credibility of the witnesses is unimpeachable, so the military simply says nothing about it at this stage.

The only remaining question to this day - was this some form of secret military aircraft or was it of extraterrestrial origin. 

This video answers one of the important questions, how large was this craft.

After watching this you will be amazed, if it is of ET origin then it is the smoking gun everyone has been looking for. If it is a secret military craft then the cover up is beyond a level of our wildest imagination. There really is no third option open for discussion. 
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