Tuesday, July 19, 2011

UFOs, UFO Disclosure, How Close Are We to The Truth, UFO Video

How close is UFO Disclosure

Many people believe that this video is a strong indication that disclosure is just around the corner. Disclosure is close but  proof is elsewhere such as the Vatican, The United Nations, The Royal Society, and from the countries that that have started to open their files. I would not say we are on the verge but I would say we are getting closer every day!

The weight of the world is beginning to take its toll  on those that have been keeping secrets for more than 60 years. The old guard is all but gone and a new generation of players has taken over. The strong patriotism that was safeguarding secrets is still around but no where near to the level it was just after the WWII and The Korean War. It is my understanding that there is a strong contingent of military and government personnel that feel that this information should be brought into the open.

There has been some discussion in Washington DC for an amnesty bill. Simply stated, those that come forward with the truth will not be prosecuted. 
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