Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Aliens of the the Wild West

This is a brand new Ancient Alien Series. It has some great cases that you probably have not seen before. I have written about a few of them and you will find links to those articles at the bottom of this post. 

These cases are extremely compelling because they all occurred before man took flight, before the government started covering up these incident and nothing could be gained by fabricating such stories. To tell people that you saw a machine flying in the air would have made people think that there was something wrong with you. There would be no fame, no notoriety, no money only ridicule and suspicion.

This time in history is really a turning point for the UFO, things were seen in the sky and some very clearly, they were no longer viewed as vehicles of the Gods, they were now mysterious events that people were sincerely trying to figure out. For the most part records of these events were no longer recorded as petroglyphs or pictographs they were recorded in the modern newspaper. 

For a link to the Aurora Texas Case of 1897
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