Saturday, July 16, 2011

UFO Sighting, Thousands of Awestruck Witnesses, In Five States

Thousands of People in Five States See Same UFO(s)
In April of 1897, people in five Midwestern states reported various accounts of an oblong shape in the sky. The accounts were reported from April 5th to April 19th.
The first recorded sighting was in Omaha Nebraska where more than 100 people witnessed the appearance of a flying object more than 12 feet long. It was shiny and made of steel. The object became so luminous that the brightness awoke people from their sleep.
People in Sioux City, Iowa saw another cigar-shaped craft just a few days later. It was also seen in Cedar Rapids and Burlington and described as a mysterious object with a glaring headlight of some kind and a shiny steel haul, gliding with a hissing sound.
Eyewitnesses in Chicago and Mount Carroll Illinois reported seeing an elongated object with flashing or rotating red and green lights on April 10. Hundreds of people throughout Illinois saw an aircraft hovering about 500 ft in the air and leaving at tremendous speeds. The craft had one bright light in addition to the red and green flashing lights. A Chicago newsstand dealer, Walter McCann was said to have taken two photos of the object at the time, but copies of these photos have not been made public in a very long time. They may still be in a file tucked away in Washington, or so the conspiracy theorists believe.
Later, that same night the people in Wausau Wisconsin looked up to see and egg-shaped craft hovering over city hall in Milwaukee. Thousands of awestruck spectators stood watching the craft as its lights moved back and forth.
On the next night, the same craft or one similar in description was seen in Minnesota and later in Indiana. By April 19, the craft appeared in Cochranville, Ohio and later traveled on to other areas, unknown. All accounts were similar throughout all five states with thousands of witnesses.
Source: Yahoo Associated Content
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