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UFO, London Video Clip Deemed 100% REAL

Are The UFO Over London Real?

Some sites are so sure that the UFO over London are a hoax that they actually posted stories on their websites. One of them uses the word "may" be a hoax, but most of them are so sure that it is a hoax that they say London UFOs "are" a hoax. One of them even goes as far as to say "London UFO Deemed 100% Fake"! Wow Those are pretty strong words, lets examine the evidence not site by site but in aggregate.

If you have not seen the pictures and videos yet (I am sure most have) and you would like to see unedited versions or videos and without comments on the face of the picture then here is a link:

Who are the experts
The first expert I could find mentioned in the four sites below was an "unnamed youtube user"
whose eloquent vocabulary includes the phrase "quit posting this fake crap"....... I am an expert on this, it includes every 12-15 year old on the planet. Need I say more!

The second expert is most intriguing, apparently his/her name is "others"
"Others" aren't so sure. Some believe that the videos are merely a viral marketing tool to publicize the upcoming alien sci-fi film "Iron Sky." One argument against that explanation is that the film is not slated to be released until April 2012, though studios often begin early promotion, and these amateur UFO videos would take little time or effort for special effects professionals. (See motivation below)

The third expert really is an expert but he is and expert skeptic, here is what I could find on Benjamin Bradford.
Benjamin Radford who deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer Magazine (link below). Ben is not to be taken lightly, he has appeared on CNN, BBC, the History channel to name a few. Author of hundreds of articles and co- author of at least five books, his credentials are strong. His latest claim to fame is a board game called "Playing Gods" HMMM. 

I think we need to focus on the position Ben takes, it is one of an "Expert Skeptic". This is fine and it is his prerogative but recognize it for what it is, he will take the position of a skeptic and that is all there is to it. One of the things that made me laugh was a quote on the London UFOs by Ben!

"There’s no detail, he said, “no flying saucer windows or aliens waving hello from high above. Just white moving dots that anyone with some video-editing chops could create with little effort.”

I guess Ben believes that when the aliens actually turn up they will make a few fly bys and wave from their windows to us for a few years before they drop down and introduce themselves.  Enough said about Ben's assessment.

I took a look at the reviews for Skeptical Inquirer Magazine and there were three, here is what one reviewer said!
"As much as love conspiracy theories and mysteries, I love facts more. I want to know if a story holds water." Apparently this person felt the magazine was great on conspiracies but short on facts!

The fourth expert apparently is a Rich Giordano, here is a short bio found on him!

My name is Rich Giordano from Phoenix, AZ. I began sky watching on April 15th, 2004 and got my first sighting on video June 6th, 2004.
I always had an interest in UFOs for as long as I can remember but never truly believed it was happening worldwide until I saw it for myself. I was a true skeptic/believer.
Since June 6th, 2004 I have taped several hours of unexplained lights, formations and humanoid type UFOs and have familiarized myself with the history of UFOs simultaneously.
This did come with a price though. I've been followed and I captured it all on tape, my car broken into, my house had an attempted break-in and my phones and emails tampered with. After a while you know when they are listening and watching. Strangers sitting in parked cars with black window tint and seeing the same person everywhere you go. I kept telling myself that it's just a coincidence so I wouldn't become paranoid.
I will leave the interpretation up to the readers of Humanities. His website is below! 

The 5th expert is actually a bunch of experts called or named "Some UFO Professionals" I have yet to meet "some UFO professionals".  Not very specific for a group of professionals that are quick to call something a fake or a hoax! 

The 6th expert mentioned in one of the posts was MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). If they have in fact called the videos a fake then this would be a very strong endorsement but the best that I could find was "In fact, the crudeness of the London UFOs may be a sign of fakery." That is hardly a ringing endorsement for a hoax or a fake. It seems to be their "best guess". In other words they simply are not sure! 

What is the motivation for making such a video
 A few of the websites believe it was done to promote a movie coming out in 2012 called "Iron Skies". I am sure that Finnish film maker Jarmo Puskala is happy for the media attention for his upcoming movie but he makes it crystal clear he had nothing to do with it!

Quote from Puskala's website (Filmaker for Iron Sky Movie)
"We would like to make it absolutely clear that we have nothing to do with the (London) video, or the similar Jerusalem UFO video from last January. In our opinion the Norway spiral seen in 2009 seemed a lot more like something we would do.

The Anonymous others might be responsible
Some think that people are doing this to feel superior, "look what we have made the public believe." This could be the case no one knows for sure! If this is the case or if it is the group called anonymous then it is just a pathetic effort for attention even without their names being published!

Many people want to believe in UFOs and alien visitation and it seems that there is an equal amount that will dismiss the idea out of hand. Whatever the truth is it is necessary to have your views grounded in the best facts available. Just because you want to believe does not make something true and on the flip side just because you don't want to believe you cannot call something a fake or a hoax without real experts and real facts. The people that dismiss things quickly and without real facts are dangerous. Once they taint a story there is not going back no matter how irrelevant the experts are or their so call facts are just plain wrong.

Right now no one knows if these images of the UFOs are real or not, so it is up to each person to interpret them as best they can. For many these videos are 100% real!

There are a lot of UFO, or Unidentified Flying Object, enthusiasts all over the world who were filled with excitement and happiness when they found out that there were many people in London who shot a video of a mothership together with its siblings.
There are video clips circulating around the internet showing a mothership UFO with some white dots floating above a building in London. However, there are some UFO experts who revealed that the video clips are not real and has been created using Photoshop.
According to some UFO professionals, the white dots and oval-shaped objects were are the easiest to fake when it comes to UFOs.

Here is a link to photos and video of the recent UFO sightings.

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