Friday, July 1, 2011

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Mainstream Media Lending Credibility to London UFOs.

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While many of these types of UFO videos can often be easily written off, the emergence of two separate recordings of the same event could give you pause.
Even more incredible is just how similar they seem. Both videos show a group of three white discs floating over the city, namely over the BBC building and Tower Bridge.
Both were taken late last week, and in one of the videos you can see at least a few people looking up at the objects, adding some credibility to the cameraman.

Whether or not there's a better explanation is a matter of opinion at this point.
Last October, many New Yorkers were astonished to witness several alleged UFOs maneuvering in the sky above the Chelsea section of Manhattan - in the middle of the afternoon.
While the FAA received many reports about the strange objects and radar returns couldn’t explain the UFOs away, it turned out that they may have simply been a bunch of balloons that had been intended for a party north of the city. The balloons reportedly got away from the party, and were carried along by air currents that eventually brought them to the Big Apple. At least this is   one debunkers theory. 
Could this also explain the London UFOs? Or is it a Photoshop hoax depicting alien-type vehicles in the sky or could it possibly be real?
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Are the UFOs over London real, you be the judge!

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