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UFO, Alien Abduction, Chinese Alien Abduction Case, Historical Record Case

Alien Abduction....The Year 1528 
The Place.... China

The following was posted by  TinkererJim at ATS

Translated from Chinese
In year 1528, a strange star appeared, flew from southeast towards north west, bright as a giant wheel. stops and go intermittently and changes altitude. The next night it reappeared and descended near a village at the mountain hill. A stone-smith saw the light and went to investigate. He sees an object shaped like grinding wheel as big as a house. covered in brilliant colors. Two beings inside, looked human, but not human. Stone-smith was taken in, and his heart was taken out and examined, however, it did not pain him and did not bleed. There was voice, sounded like human, but could not be comprehended.

When He came to he saw a strange scenery. There were sun, moon, and stars, but the surrounding landscape is mostly red-hued and cold. No buildings.People resembled human, but not human, round-faced with 3 eyes. Hard to tell sex and age, dressed unlike human, spoken unlike human. Then his view blurred and lost consciousness (sedated?). When regained consciousness, he was back to where he was before, upon returning home, he learned one year has passed since his disappearance. His family thought he was eaten by wild animals. When I (original author) found out about this, I went to see him. I saw a red line on his chest. He says it does not pain him.

This text is of lesser importance and is less than 0.5% of the whole manuscript, with the rest documenting notable historical events and royal matters.
Source Transalted by Google from ATS
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