Monday, July 4, 2011

Pyramids, 17 New Pyramids Discovered, Video, Thousands of Ancient Ruins Uncovered

Greatest archaeology discovery in more then 100 years, 17 lost pyramids discovered in Egypt by xray satellite 

New understanding of Ancient Egypt is about to emerge as thousands of ancient settlements are uncovered along with the pyramids. 

More then just pyramids were found, there were thousands of ancient ruins discovered at the same time. It will take years for the archaeologist to figure out exactly what has been found. 

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3d Exploration of tunnels inside ancient pyramids
On 25 May, New Scientist was first to reveal some exciting findings from an innovative robotic exploration of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. A robot built at Leeds University in the UK, called Djedi, explored a mysterious tunnel thought to lead to a secret chamber in the pyramid – providing stunning pictures of so-far-undeciphered hieroglyphs written in red paint, alongside lines cut into the tunnel walls by stone masons. All are currently being analysed by egyptologists – and many more revelations are expected as Djedi’s video streams are interpreted over time.

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