Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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A Stunning Photo Array of the Shuttles History

NASA's reusable spaceship has had countless photogenic moments over the years. In fact, the iconic space shuttle can hardly take a bad picture.
While the list of best shuttle photos could go on forever, here are 26 stunning pictures that we thought stood out from the space shuttle's 30-year run as NASA prepares for the program's final countdown on July 8th.

From prototype to Launchpad to liftoff, soaring into the sky to punching through the clouds, from space flight to untettered spacewalk, from approach to landing. We hope you enjoy this photo tribute to the shuttle program. 

The Shuttle prepping for launch

The space shuttle prototype Enterprise flies free after being released from NASA's 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft over Rogers Dry Lakebed during the second of five free flights carried out at the Dryden Flight Research Center, in Edwards, Calif., as part of the shuttle program's Approach and Landing Tests (ALT). The tests were conducted to verify aerodynamics and handling characteristics in preparation for orbital flights with the Space Shuttle Columbia, which began in April 1981.

A great lighting team lit up the shuttle as it headed out to the pad with extremely powerful XENON lights.

If your going be in or around the Kennedy Space Center on July 8, 2011, NASA has published a list of places where you will get a great view of the launch site, click here.

Photos: Credit NASA

Endeavour's Final Act, Los Angeles, California Oct 2012
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