Friday, July 22, 2011

NASA, NASA Shuttle, Is There Information That NASA is not Sharing with the World

Is there information that NASA is 
not sharing with the world

Doesn't it seem strange that everyone at NASA is saying that the Shuttle was designed to go back and forth to the space station delivering astronauts and parts until construction was completed. Of course the Shuttle did much more then that, putting Hubble into space and experiments too numerous to mention.

The point is why in the world would you spend billions of dollars on the five shuttles and many more billions on the space station and the day the project is completed you retire your entire fleet of shuttle craft. 

This is like building (at great expense) a fleet of five huge trucks that you need to go from Washington DC to Los Angeles. These trucks are so large that you have to build extra large bridges across every river they must go over along the way.  The same day you complete the construction on those expensive bridges you retire the five extra large trucks.  Makes no sense whatsoever!

OK there is a way, it is to pay the Russians millions of dollars per astronaut to get to the space station, that your country mostly built and paid for. The original price the Russians quoted (to put an American Astronauts into space) was roughly $20 million dollars now they have increased that amount, estimates range from $50 million to $63 million. The second option which has been in the news a very limited amount is that NASA is turning this over to contractors and they will build vehicles that will get astronauts back and forth to space and the space station. Even if this convenient explanation is true it will take many years for these commercial operations to get up and running.

This is very bizarre behavior from both NASA and the American government. It is a story that is not even mentioned in the press. This sort of thinking seems to go against all common sense and all good judgement.  I would love to hear what you think. Here is a link to the submission form

Was this poor planning, poor management or does NASA know something that they are not sharing with the world? 

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