Friday, July 1, 2011

Crop Circles, Crop Circle Video, Crop Circle Research, The Alien Presence

The definitive word on Crop Circles

Discover the hidden secrets of a timeless mystery in this award winning film about the greatest Crop Circle formations ever created. The creators of these paranormal formations still remain a mystery. After years of painstaking research, scientific evidence still points to alien influences that are responsible for this phenomena. One thing is certain, what you are about to see in this amazing film can only be described as miraculous evidence of a secret art form that continues to defy explanation. 

Because there are obviously crop circles that are made made it is difficult to sort through what is a hoax and what is real but this award winning producer and director, Terje Toftenes does just that! 

Terje Toftenes from New Paradigm Films has produced several other documentaries which you can find in the disclosure section on this site. This one on Crop Circles and The Day Before Disclosure about UFOs and alien visitation are excellent films.

Link to The Day Before Disclosure
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