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Aliens, Alien News, Crystal Caves Found in Russia

World’s longest underwater ‘crystal’ cave in deep Russian waters revealed,  (PHOTOS)

We have seen much disclosure from various countries, now we have seen some information released directly from the Russian Naval Officials. The website Russia Today is "telling the world that the Russian Navy has had numerous encounters with unknowns in the oceans of the world."
We have had reports of USO's (Unidentified Submersible Objects) but for the first time we now have reports of alien beings below the surface. Following the example of other theorists Naval personnel now state that it is very possible that under water bases exists. 
Vladimir Azhazha, spokesman for Russia Today, put it this way:

Why not? Nothing should be discarded. Skepticism is the easiest way: believe nothing do nothing. "People rarely visit great depths. So it's very important to analyze what they encounter there."
The document have existed since the time of the the Soviet Union, and the material they found are of great value. Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with the oceans. Fifteen percent more - with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick with water.
Some Images indicate that either all or a portion of the cave was man-made or intelligent life forms played a part in its construction. 

By IBTimes  | Jun 28, 2011 07:41 AM EDT

Russian divers working on Orda Cave Awareness Project have revealed a set of unseen pictures of the world’s longest underwater cave.
Located near Orda village in Perm region, Ural, Orda Cave is also the biggest underwater gypsum crystal cave in the world and second in Eurasia in terms of volumes of its galleries that stretch up to five kilometers. Famous underwater photographer, journalist and dive-instructor Victor Lyagushkin led the team of cave divers and took stunning images of the cave at less than zero degree temperature.
“There is extremely low water temperature, about 3C and 20C below zero on surface. Under these circumstances shooting became very challenging,” Lyagushkin said.
The location of the cave in Ural region, which is known for rich mineral deposits in Russia, may be linked to the gypsum content in Orda Cave, which has transparent water because of the mineral.
A water wonder, a natural wonder and a natural monument of Russia, Orda Cave has been the focus of cave excursions recently.
Here are a few unique pictures of Orda Cave taken by Victor Lyagushkin during numerous expeditions:

Some of the photos clearly show geometric formations which look suspiciously made by an intelligent life source.

The Orda Cave Awareness Project will give us some insight as to why these caves are here and if there is an alien connection. 

Photo Source; World’s longest underwater ‘crystal’ cave in deep Russian waters revealed
Source: Victor Lyagushkin/ordacave.r
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