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Aliens, ET, Does the Moon Have an ET Origin, Interesting Videos of the Moons Surface

Moon linked to Japanese radiation crisis 

Will the Moon reveal a historical ET presence.

There have been many stories and articles written about the moon and many wild theories put forward, everything from the moon has been inhabited in the past and there are remnants of civilizations still on the moon today. Some theorize that the moon is hollow and was put there for with the express purpose of sustaining life on earth. Whatever you happen to believe it is true that the moon is full of mysteries that we have not even started to unlock. Just this past week there were cold volcanoes found on the dark side of the moon.  This article and the two videos below will explore some of those theories.  

Dr. N. Huntley  in documents that the Moon has the circular orbit of an artiticial satellite.  He further documents that the Moon based upon statistical data is hollow.  He suggests that the Moon is mechanically controlled and has an apparent Extraterrestrial origin.

We obviously know that there are scientific laws that say the moon affects the Earth (i.e. tides),” . AccuWeather’s Mark Paquette says. “There are also less proven theories that propose that the moon affects the Earth in other ways (i.e. abnormal behavior during a full moon). Can the Super (full) Moon contribute to extreme weather and other natural phenomenon?” 

AccuWeather also notes a supermoon was seen orbiting Earth was on January 10, 2005. On December 26, 2004 an undersea megathrust earthquake resulted in a tsunami that ripped through the Indian Ocean and caused great damage in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Indian, and Thailand. NASA confirmed that the Earth’s tilt was altered as a result of the massive earthquake, which measured 9.0 on the Richter Scale. Scientists also state that geological events on Earth cannot be affected by astrological events such as the moon’s gravitational pull. 

We obviously know that there are scientific laws that say the moon affects the Earth (i.e. tides),” . AccuWeather’s Mark Paquette says. “There are also less proven theories that propose that the moon affects the Earth in other ways (i.e. abnormal behavior during a full moon). Can the Super (full) Moon contribute to extreme weather and other natural phenomenon?” 

AccuWeather also notes that the last time a supermoon was seen orbiting Earth was on January 10, 2005. On December 26, 2004 an undersea megathrust earthquake resulted in a tsunami that ripped through the Indian Ocean and caused great damage in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Indian, and Thailand. NASA confirmed that the Earth’s tilt was altered as a result of the massive earthquake, which measured 9.0 on the Richter Scale. Scientists also state that geological events on Earth cannot be affected by astrological events such as the moon’s gravitational pull. 

Debates continue on whether or not the moon’s proximity to Earth had any role in the earthquake as it happened two weeks prior to the supermoon event, but it has been a debate that has captured the intrigue of astronomers and conspiracy theorists. Supermoons also occurred in 1955, 1974, and 1992 and each of these years had noted extreme weather or natural disasters according to AccuWeather. 

There is no doubt that the moon holds many secrets that will be discovered in the near future. In the event that we find some form of historical ET presence on the moon it will begin to answer many questions

UFOs, Ancient Aliens, Aliens of the Old West, Alien Evidence, UFO Research

Aliens of the the Wild West

This is a brand new Ancient Alien Series. It has some great cases that you probably have not seen before. I have written about a few of them and you will find links to those articles at the bottom of this post. 

These cases are extremely compelling because they all occurred before man took flight, before the government started covering up these incident and nothing could be gained by fabricating such stories. To tell people that you saw a machine flying in the air would have made people think that there was something wrong with you. There would be no fame, no notoriety, no money only ridicule and suspicion.

This time in history is really a turning point for the UFO, things were seen in the sky and some very clearly, they were no longer viewed as vehicles of the Gods, they were now mysterious events that people were sincerely trying to figure out. For the most part records of these events were no longer recorded as petroglyphs or pictographs they were recorded in the modern newspaper. 

For a link to the Aurora Texas Case of 1897

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UFO, UFOs The Greatest Story Ever Denied, UFO Video, UFO Research, UFO Cover-up

The Greatest Story Ever Denied

Somewhere in the back of our mind you always knew it was true. It is an intuitive feeling that you simply know in the depth of your being that this story is true. We are all part of the UFO cover-up whether we want to be or not.  It is in our DNA to start waking up to the truth.

The Greatest Story Ever Denied - The Disclosure Project - A documentary about some of the most important UFO events since Roswell.
Not only about we have learned about the events as the Battle of LA or the military cover ups; but interesting phenomenas like the invisible UFOs, only detectable with infra-red cameras.
The demonstration of the existence of UFO objects, detected only in infra-red mode.

Aliens, Astronauts Watched Real Alien Video, Alien Evidence

"Late Astronaut Ellison Onizuka Recalled His UFO/Alien Encounter", Recounted By Clark C. McClelland, Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center (KSC)

Former NASA Space Shuttle Science Officer

Prior to the fateful launch of the space shuttle Challenger on January 28, 1986, I had the honor and pleasure of sharing conversations with several members of that crew.
During one of many pre-mission preps for the Challenger mission, I came upon Lt. Col. Ellison Onizuka in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at launch complex 39.  I had an assignment to assess some problems at the Launch Control Center (LCC) and needed to access the main drawing files.
Lt. Col. Onizuka asked me if my surname had any connection with McClellan Air Force Base in California?  I said "Not as far as I am aware."   Then I asked him why?  Ellison said he had a surprising experience along with other USAF aerospace flight engineers and pilots while on military training duty at McClellan AFB, about eight or nine years prior to his astronaut training. 
Ellison told me that he and this group were at this base for specialized training when they were directed to report to a viewing room.  As they were seated, the room darkened and a movie began without the usual official introduction by a USAF officer. 
They were all startled when a view of a facility similar to a medical examination room appeared on the screen and small bodies were observed lying on slabs.  He heard several excited comments by the other officers seated near him.  The small, strange looking creatures were humanoid in shape, and appeared similar to those described by alleged witnesses at the well-known Roswell site in the Southwest USA in 1947.

They all had large heads, large eyes, slight torsos, arms, and legs. They did not appear to be of earthly origin.
Ellison then said, "Clark, my God, these highly trained officers and I were shocked by what we saw. We were not made privy to what we would see until it happened. We were all caught off guard. Perhaps it was a test of our psyche to determine our overall reaction. Well, we were all caught by surprise."
Needless to say, I was also caught off guard hearing this revelation from a highly intelligent USAF officer and NASA astronaut, one who flew his initial space mission 51-C in the space shuttleDiscovery, a highly classified U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) mission under top secret conditions.
It made me wonder what else Ellison knew, or perhaps had seen, during his first shuttle mission and USAF career.  I said "That's amazing, Ellison!  Were all of you given any opportunity to question what you saw?"
He said, "No!  We were then asked to exit the room and continued our scheduled technical activities as if nothing special had occurred.  In my opinion, I have considered the possibility that the group was evaluated for individual reactions to what they saw.  Perhaps it was a planned USAF psychological test for military reasons.  Who knows, NASA may have evaluated it in my selection as an astronaut in 1978.  You know, what would my reaction be if I actually saw an alien being"?

We arrived at our separate building destinations and briefly discussed his approaching second space mission in Challenger 51-L.  Ellison said he was anticipating a successful flight with Judy Resnik, Christa McAuliffe, and crew.  I asked if we could discuss this topic again; and he agreed.  Unknown to us both, this would be the last time we would speak.  Ellison Onitzuka, Judy Resnick, Christa McAuliffe and the other crew members would be making their final mission on January 28, 1986.

I was at the Kennedy Space Center and watched in disbelief as they and space shuttle Challenger fell into the Atlantic Ocean.  Upon leaving KSC (Kennedy Space Center) for the night after being on duty for about 15 hours, I was driving home to my Port St. John Apartment when the disaster finally caught up with my emotions.  I pulled to the side of the main NASA causeway crossing the Indian River and sobbed my eyes out for about ten minutes. 
God, how horrible it was!  And still is to this day, in my memory. God bless you Judy Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, Christa McAuliffe, Dick Scobee, Michael Smith, Gregory Jarvis  Ronald McNair (and Israeli astronaut, Elan Ramon)
Thank you God for the honor of knowing all of them.
Clark C. McClelland
Former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet,
Kennedy Space Center, Florida (1958-1992)
UFO Digest Remembers The Space Shuttle "Challenger"
and although the Space Shuttle era has ended, in our memories of them  ...

"The Dream is Alive"...

Space Shuttle "Challenger Launching"

January 28th, 1986

UFO, UFO News, Kissinger's Key Role in UFO Cover-Up, UFO Evidence

Dr. Henry Kissinger's Key UFO Role Revealed

Henry Kissinger
Dr Henry Kissinger’s little known role in the UFO cover-up has been highlighted in a new book by former newspaper journalist and UFO researcher Tony Brunt.
In a free on-line publication on the scribd website titled, “Secret History: And Why Barack Obama Must End It,” Brunt follows a UFO witness trail to the wife of the late USAF scientist, Dr Eric Wang, who worked on reverse-engineering of captured or crashed discs at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico, prior to his death in 1960. His widow, Maria Wang, confirmed in 1984 that her husband had reported to Kissinger when Kissinger was still a relatively unknown academic and consultant to various intelligence and military programmes.

“He is deeply involved in the Flying Saucer Program,” she said of President Nixon’s former National Security Advisor (1969-1975) and Secretary of State (1973-1977. “In fact, he was completely in charge of it at the time that Dr Wang was still alive and involved with it.” Mrs Wang, who was a respected Albuquerque resident and president of the Albuquerque Woman’s Club, made the statement to researcher William Steinman.

Brunt’s book can be read or downloaded as a PDF from the scribd website link

Before his high profile life in powerful political circles Kissinger was a consultant to the Operations Research Office in 1951 (a murky outfit under the control of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), a consultant to the director of the Psychological Strategy Board in 1952 (a covert arm of the National Security Council) and then to its successor organisation, the Operations Coordinating Board until 1961. The OCB was reportedly the highest policy-making board for implementing clandestine operations. Kissinger was also a consultant to the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1959-1960.

Brunt presents vigorous arguments for the end to disclosure and even tables a draft ‘disclosure speech’ for President Obama to use. The subtitle of his book is: “How the UFO Cover-up Changed from Shrewd Management to Historical Tragedy.”

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Awakening, The Truth, The Call, Are You Ready to Wake Up and Understand

"The Call", it is coming, are you awake enough to accept it? 

I know many of you may have read this...but to those who haven't it is well worth the effort. At the bottom of this post you will find a link to the free ebook! 


IN THESE EXTRAORDINARY TIMES people are awakening all over the world to the need for co-operation upon a rapidly changing planet. Some are joining hands in a true esprit de corps in order to help effect the healing and upliftment of planet Earth and of all life thereupon. A growing number amongst humanity today are seeking to assist and support one another in preparation for the imminent major planetary transformations, which shall precede the foretold dawning of a much brighter world-awareness and consequently a new and more harmonious way of life. There are many more people today consciously seeking answers to philosophical and spiritual questions than ever before during Earth's history, and their search is perfectly in accord with the evolutionary stage at which the human race has arrived and the corresponding expansion of consciousness that is presently evidencing itself all around the world.

The information disclosed in this book highlights and expounds the essential causes, purposes, and short and long-term consequences of the ongoing planetary changes. These details are hereby offered to all awakening individuals and interested persons in order that timely and important information may be shared, and the gravity of its implications recognised. Thus informed, embarkation upon a process of investigation and needed preparation for that which approaches mankind may be chosen.

There are absolutely no coincidences in an intelligently-governed universe; every effect has its cause. This book has found its way to you for definite reasons. It remains privileged, however, under the Law of Free Will as to how each person will respond - or fail to respond - to this urgent Call. In order to progress and evolve upon a free-will planet, every man has the responsibility for using his own initiative. The vital information contained in this book provides an opportunity for you to make expedient choices and to elicit the appropriate action that is necessary in light of the facts.

It should be mentioned that the compilers of this book bear no allegiance to any single religious persuasion, creed, organisation or society. Occasionally throughout this treatise certain historically-established quotations or key-phrases are employed from existing faiths, and this is done for the purposes of elucidation only. No single idea belongs to any one individual or group, but originating from the inner or spiritual planes, they are a universal gift and the property of no one mind. It is recommended, therefore, that due impartiality be applied by the discerning reader to the enclosed facts and explications in order that clear perception and unadulterated comprehension may ensue.

In order to attempt to circumvent further unnecessary confusion, we wish to reveal the plain truth to humanity. The sincere seeker of truth has no interest in considering anything less than the relevant, dependable and authentic facts. In being dedicated to the truth, we do not care to allure supporters of our vision by disseminating pleasing half-truths, attractive and fashionable exaggerations or vague euphemisms that may encourage misguided zeal and excitement, or which might contribute toward misunderstanding. Esoteric knowledge may become a curse for one who is only partially informed and who may subsequently become impelled to exhibit their fragmentary learning with a hasty passion fired by self-interest. This is everywhere evidenced today as the real and important facts underlying the global transitions are being either whimsically diluted or glaringly embellished, seductively packaged and casually marketed to and by the uninitiated like so much common merchandise. This is most definitely not the way in which we seek to be of service to our human family.

Religious or spiritual idealism and hype have for ages been used to suppress or to avoid the whole truth. Ideals crystallise most rapidly, are quickly distorted thereby and may easily become a barrier, separating the idealist from reality and from the realisation of a true vision of the coming age. That which is new, vital, liberating and pregnant with meaning and purpose is so ready today to precipitate within the consciousness of mankind and so be actively realised on Earth, but is being hindered from so doing by the idealists of the world, and far more in fact than by the ordinary person. Those eager and excitable individuals and groups around the planet, with their subjective perspectives, personal desires and neatly-formulated ideals are so often blinded by the future promise of glory but remain oblivious to the very real and present opportunities.

Most people in the world at this time respond positively only to teachers and teachings that arouse their imagination and stimulate their illusions. The unadorned truth, however, does not do this; if it did it would only present yet another impediment to real spiritual progress. This book is the result of an earnest and one-pointed endeavour to unveil the complete and unpretentious truth of that which is relevant during today's dawning Aquarian age. It does not only highlight certain selected fragments taken from the larger picture in order merely to please, to confer a false sense of security or comfort, and, therefore, to win acclaim. The elucidations herein expose both the sinister side of that which has been termed the New Age movement as well as its divine promise, for if true understanding is to be attained, then it must be comprehensive, and therefore all the facts must be considered side-by-side: the light and the dark, the good and the evil. However, many people demonstrate a tendency to repudiate the reality of evil in the world and, therefore, to condemn as negative any factual message that seeks to reveal the whole picture. Such a subjective attitude often gives occasion to the complete and unreasonable rejection of an important or even essential truth which, nonetheless, may appear as ominous and affronting to the brittle, reactive and unprepared mind. Yet it is only by shining a light into darkness that we are able to see clearly and so deal with the shadow side of life in a positive way. It is understanding that transforms us, not merely the desire for change, and until a man obtains a thorough understanding of the nature of evil and so becomes equipped to respond wisely to its challenges, he will necessarily be detrimentally affected by it. Until we truly see, acknowledge and accept what is, we cannot move forward from where we are; such is a basic law of life.

Truth is a correspondence with Reality, and when words of truth are heard by the open ear and perceived by the receptive heart, they elevate one's spirit and may even bring about permanent and positive transformation. In a world where fear and denial predominate, however, and where the simple truth is still regarded as an unwelcome intruder to the barricaded minds and hearts of many, the bare facts may seem like a curse. Those who choose to remain attached to their illusions are, therefore, unable to benefit from that which is true and liberating.

The impersonal truth is often resisted by the ego which, for its own security and comfort, clings to and thrives upon falsehood. Therefore, certain parts of this book are bound to prove unsettling to some. Be aware, then, that the facts detailed within these pages may appear astonishing or perhaps even entirely unbelievable and unacceptable to certain individuals; they may evoke ego-reactions as challenge, which may threaten established belief systems. But it has been said that before the eyes can see clearly, they must be free of tears; before the heart can truly understand, it must have lost its tendency to react.

This book contains indispensable keys to spiritual success during the forthcoming years. It is recommended, therefore, that careful reflection be given to the facts and principles presented, for everything that mankind needs to understand in order to be prepared for that which lies just a little way ahead for us all is contained herein.

"Truth is like a great rock which offers support and strength in a world of turmoil. All life yearns to know the truth, and it is the truth alone which can cure all mankind's anxieties and diseases, bestowing the peace and certitude of righteousness in exchange for unrest. All the worlds in all the universes - past, present and future - have been created so that the truth may come and make its home there." - Lord Buddha.

It is hoped that this exposition of the plain truth of the times will inform and inspire its readers to venture forth from the drudgery of typical Earthly existence in order to find the portal that leads from the old world to the New, from death to Life, and from separation and suffering to the Final Liberation - or Deliverance - which was promised to mankind ages ago, and which can today be realised by every sincere and intelligent person.

Full Free of Charge E-Book here

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UFO, UFO News, Was That A UFO over Your House, UFO Hamilton Ont., UFO Video

Was that a UFO over your house?

On 2011-07-28,at 5:01 PM This is a pic drawn by Molly Mitchison, 11, of what she believes she saw.
Mollys UFO drawing This is a pic drawn by Molly Mitchison, 11, of what she believes she saw.
Molly Mitchison/Special to The Hamilton Spectator
What were those strange lights over Simon Reynolds’ home? Were they UFOs?
Reynolds and a few of his young neighbours believe so.
“It’s the most extraordinary thing I’ve experienced,” said Reynolds, a Mountain car salesman and TV and movie actor.
“This was a total shock … I don’t know what they were. I know there is nothing I’ve seen on earth that can explain what they were.”
The sighting occurred Saturday, July 16 at about 9 p.m. The lights were noticed by three girls — Christina Crow, 9, and Molly Mitchison and Emily Wass, both 11 — playing on Roseland Avenue, a small dead-end street off Blake Street near Gage Park.
“We were riding our bikes around the street and, like, doing nothing,” recalled Molly, who is going into Grade 5 at Adelaide Hoodless Elementary School. One of her friends suddenly pointed into the sky at something above Reynolds’ house.
“I figured it was nothing, but she said it looks like a spaceship,” said Molly. “I thought she was crazy or something, but then it came really close … It was, like, red, but it had yellow lights all over it. It made no noise at all. It was completely quiet. It was, like, hovering.”
They counted three objects and ran to get Reynolds, 42, and his wife Rose, 48. Reynolds filmed the objects on his iPhone and in that footage, he and the girls can be heard expressing their amazement. Reynolds can also be heard hollering to the neighbourhood: “UFO! UFO! UFO!” He estimates the objects — which he described as “red fireballs” — were a few hundred feet in the air and travelling north across the sky.
They are not alone in seeing the objects. Bob Schofield, 70, was at a dinner party on St. Clair Boulevard the same evening, and at about the same time, when he and his friends saw three “yellowy-orange” lights in the sky.
The following Saturday, July 23, at about 9:30 p.m. Scott Watson, 35, estimates he was one of about 30 people at a back yard barbecue who saw four “glowing orange” lights moving across the sky above Cochrane Road. See above for video. 

More then thirty witnessed this sighting Sat July 23rd at 9:40pm in Hamilton Ontario (east end) A few I spoke to saw 7-12 bright orange glowing orbs hovering farther away. These 4 flew in for a closer look in perfect sync (slow speed and distance apart) with no sound, just below the cloud line. It wasn't easy finding the zoom button during the time. 
“Everybody was abuzz,” said Watson, a government worker. “All four of them didn’t make a peep. It was the craziest thing we’d ever seen.”
Schofield, owner of Canadian Safe on Chatham Street, first thought the lights were linked to a “fireworks display.” But, he said, they moved in sync and made no sounds. Both Watson and Schofield said planes flew over later and there was a clear difference between them and the glowing objects.
“I don’t believe in UFOs or any of that, but I am puzzled,” said Schofield. “I don’t have any explanation on what it was.”
The authorities don’t have any ideas, either. Jonathan Bagg of NavCanada, which operates the control tower at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, says it was a regular Saturday night for air traffic over the region.
“There were no reports of anything unusual,” said Bagg.
Reynolds, an actor who has appeared in productions during a 30-year career as varied as Flash of Genius and Saw IV to Traders, Street Legal and Flashpoint, can’t fathom that the lights were man-made.
“There’s no way these were planes or anything mechanical, unless there’s completely silent helicopters,” he says. “It was like a red-orange … The whole casing of the ship was the light … This wasn’t a projection in the sky. This was an actual solid thing. They were like suns.”
He was so intrigued, he jumped into his car with his wife and the three girls and tried to follow the lights north to Lake Ontario, but could not see anything once they reached the QEW.
“Every time I go out, I look up in the sky,” Reynolds said. “I can’t help it.”

Source: Youtube video posted by Severnwildwood

Extraterrestrial Life, How to Spot it, Is it Here on Earth, Can it be Made on Earth

‘It’s Alive! It’s Alive!’ Maybe Right Here on Earth

Life out there, Eden in a test tube

SAN DIEGO — Here in a laboratory perched on the edge of the continent, researchers are trying to construct Life As We Don’t Know It in a thimbleful of liquid.

Generations of scientists, children and science fiction fans have grown up presuming that humanity’s first encounter with alien life will happen in a red sand dune on Mars, or in an enigmatic radio signal from some obscure star.

But it could soon happen right here onEarth, according to a handful of chemists and biologists who are using the tools of modern genetics to try to generate the Frankensteinian spark that will jump the gap separating the inanimate and the animate. The day is coming, they say, when chemicals in a test tube will come to life.

By some measures, Gerald F. Joyce, a professor at the Scripps Research Institute here, has already crossed that line, although he would be the first to say he has not — yet.

Biologists do not agree on what the definition of life should be or whether it is even useful to have one. But most do agree that the ability to evolve and adapt is fundamental to life. And they also agree that having a second example of life could provide insight to how it began and how special life is or is not in the universe, as well as a clue for how to recognize life if and when we do stumble upon it out there among the stars.

“Everything we know about life is based on studies of life on Earth,” said Chris McKay, a researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Laboratory in Mountain View, Calif.

Dr. Joyce said recently: “It drives me crazy when astronomers say, ‘Surely the universe is pregnant with life.’ If we have an Earthlike planet, what are the chances of life arising? Is it one in a million? Is it one in two? I don’t see how you can say.”

He continued, “If you had a second example of life, even if it were synthetic, you might know better. I’m betting we’re just going to make it.”

Four years ago Dr. Joyce and a graduate student, Tracey A. Lincoln, now a researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, evolved a molecule in a test tube that could replicate and evolve all by itself, swapping little jerry-built genes in a test tube forever, as long as it was supplied with the right carefully engineered ingredients.

An article in the Joyce Laboratory newsletter called it “The Immortal Molecule.” Dr. Joyce’s molecule is a form of RNA, or ribonucleic acid, which plays Robin to DNA’s Batman in Life As We Do Know It, assembling proteins in accordance with the blueprint encoded in DNA. Neither RNA nor DNA is alive by itself, any more than any other chemical, like bleach, or a protein. But in Dr. Joyce’s test tube, his specially engineered RNA molecule comes close, copying itself over and over, and evolving.

But, Dr. Joyce says, “We really would hope for more from our molecules than just replicating.”

Reproduction is the job of any life, he explained, but Earthly organisms have evolved a spectacular set of tricks to improve the odds of success — everything from peacock feathers to whale songs. Dr. Joyce’s molecules have not yet surprised him by striking out on their own to invent the molecular equivalent of writing a hit pop song.

It is only a matter of time, he said, before they do.

“Our job is to give them the running room to do that,” Dr. Joyce said.

The deeper philosophical and intellectual ramifications of test tube life are as enormous as they are unknown. The achievement would probably not come with sci-fi drama, say scientists who are squeamish about such matters anyway, saying such speculation is beyond their pay grade. No microbe is going to leap out of the Petri dish and call home, or turn the graduate students into zombies. Indeed, given the human penchant for argument and scientists’ habit of understatement, it could be years before everybody agrees it has been done.
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