Friday, June 3, 2011

UFO Sightings. Alien News, UFO News, Compelling Evidence

The Evidence is Everywhere

This video is just one of many examples, it was witnessed by highly trained military personnel and clearly captured on high definition military-grade tracking equipment... you often wonder how the mainstream media can simply ignore evidence like this and not take serious steps to invetigate the phenomenon further. 

At this juncture there is little chance that the government will come clean on UFOs and ET presence on planet earth. Disclosure is in the cards and it is working its way through the system on a predetermined time frame. This is just one more example of evidence that is extremely hard to refute or debunk! 

What is most frustrating is that compelling footage like this is deliberately ignored by the governments, military institutions, media and authorities of the world.

It does seem that people allow the authorities to get away with blatantly sweeping this phenomenon under the rug. The evidence is all around us and yet the authorities simply continue to play dumb and the majority of the population just accept it..
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