Saturday, June 11, 2011

UFO Sighting 2011, UFO Video, UFO News, Object Over American Fork Utah

This is a video of a possible UFO sighting from American Fork, Utah. Eye witnesses reported some very strange lights hovering in the night sky in formation and were dropping what appeared to be burning balls of light similar to flares. The exact shape of the possible UFO could not be made out but it made no sounds. Two separate sightings of  the unidentified flying objects were reported  one by a resident of Highland , Utah Lynette Chidester and husband and Mike Galbraith from American Fork , Utah.

Galbraith formerly in the Air Force says his experience caused him to notice the lights in the sky from the parking lot of a shopping plaza and he took special notice because they were so unusual so he grabbed his cell phone and started recording. Galbraith said the unidentified flying objects seemed to fly in a perfect formation and what ever they were dropping seemed to be burning extremely brightly but he does not believe the items were flares. He said that military flares do not look like that and they normally shoot out the sides , or they shoot down, making a distinct sound and usually are shot many at a time. He says the unidentified flying objects in the formation nor the items being dropped made any noise at all. He also said the strange lights were unlike any helicopter or airplane that he had ever seen and were flying at a very unusual altitude.

Lynette Chidester’s husband also witnessed the objects and once worked for a company which manufactured components for military flares and he said he agreed with Galbraith’s assessment that the items being dropped were not flares. He said he knew the items were not flares after a couple of seconds watching them and had no idea what they were. The control tower at Provo airport had no reports of anything strange or unusual in the sky that night and the Utah Sheriffs Department had no reports of strange sighting logged. Salt Lake International control tower was also contacted but had no incidents from the night in question documented and officials at Camp 

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