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UFO, Nuclear Weapons, A Father and Son Struggle

James Carlson has contacted Educating Humanity on several occasions in an attempt to set the record straight from his point of view. Twice I have published his comments as a source with inside information and once added his comments to an article that I had written. I have never met the younger Mr. Carlson but he is adamant and passionate in his resolve.  It now appears that this is as much a struggle between father and son as it is with debunker and witness. 


Raising the ante on nukes debate

The somewhat obsessive efforts of a debunker to separate his father from a disturbing UFO controversy appear to have backfired. Because now, the public can listen to key Air Force veterans in their own words as they describe UFO events surrounding some faltering underground nuclear missiles in 1967.
It's never a good thing to lose power on a weapon capable of annihilating millions of people; but when a UFO shuts it down, the paperwork's gotta be a mother/CREDIT:
This is an old story, of course. Six years ago, retired USAF Capt. Robert Salas detailed the ICBM shutdowns at Malmstrom AFB in March of ‘67 in his book Faded GiantUFOS and Nukes author Robert Hastings provided an even broader panorama with his book in 2008. Last year, the two sponsored a press conference in Washington in which a total of seven military veterans signed affidavits and shared personal accounts of UFOs probing America’s weapons of mass destruction at multiple venues and dates.
But through it all, one James Carlson has repeatedly categorized Hastings and Salas as book-hawking frauds, at this site and elsewhere. Why? As Carlson told De Void last year, “My father was the commander at Echo Flight, and I questioned him … my father would never lie to me about something like that.”
His father is former USAF Maj. Eric Carlson. On March 16, 1967, the bewildered Echo Flight crew could only stand by as 10 Minuteman nukes concealed beneath the Montana outback went offline. The elder Carlson maintains the missiles lost alert status due to a minor “electronic incident” and recalls nothing concerning UFOs.
But last week, after repeated challenges from Carlson, Hastings decided it was time to post three audiotaped conversations he conducted with Carlson’s deputy commander at Echo, retired Col. Walt Figel. Although Figel is an avowed UFO skeptic, he concedes security and maintenance personnel did in fact report being confronted by a “large round object” hovering over a disabled missile.
Figel insists Maj. Carlson was sitting right beside him when the reports came in, and that both were instructed not to discuss the incident.
Also: In defense of Salas, Hastings has posted a recorded interview with Salas’ colleague, retired Col. Fred Meiwald. Both officers were on duty at Oscar Flight’s Launch Control Facility at Malmstrom when more than half a dozen Minutemen went off the grid on March 24, 1967. Although neither saw the UFO from their underground consoles, Meiwald confirmed Salas’ story that topside security reported “a bright red, oval-shaped object” hovering over the fence gate.
There’s plenty more, but you get the drift. With varying levels of enthusiasm, three of four nuclear launch control officers have testified to ICBMs losing power during UFO activity over the Northern Plains in the tense spring of 1967. Meanwhile, the fourth — whose son is carrying the water for him — is unwavering: He doesn’t remember any of this UFO business. That’s his story, and he’s sticking to it.
  1.  I assumed and then confirmed that you didn’t even bother to talk to my father or Col. Figel before publishing your story. I guess you didn’t think it was necessary to confirm such claims, did you? You didn’t mention either that the interview Hastings conducted with Figel was in 2008, and that Figel has confirmed repeatedly since then that Hastings and Salas distorted his claims and lied about what occurred at Echo Flight, including the part where Col. Figel confirmed every single detail of the story my father has told, insisting that he doesn’t believe my father is even capable of lying. Why would you fail to check up on something that could be so easily confirmed? One phone call could have done it, and yet you just took whatever Robert Hastings suggested that you write and took off from there, apparently without any concerns for the truth of what you were publishing. I’m also fairly positive that you didn’t confirm anything with Col. Meiwald either, because I have, and I know what he remembers and what he has reported to both Hastings and Salas. He remembers two separate events that had nothing at all to do with each other. He has made this very clear. One was an incident during which 3-4 missiles failed (not 10 as Salas and Hastings have repeatedly claimed). He doesn’t remember anything about a UFO being involved with this incident — nothing. This is why I’m certain that you didn’t bother to confirm his claims either before reporting them. The only UFO incident he remembers was what he heard second hand from the security command post. It happened during a very routine security alert that he wrote a very detailed letter regarding to Robert Salas that both Salas and Hastings have attempted to associate with the missile failures incident that he has also discussed with Robert Hastings. If you actually read what Hastings wrote, Col. Meiwald insists that he doesn’t remember anything about a UFO being involved. Regardless, the incident he told Salas about in 1996 was at Oscar Flight, but it would take Salas another three years to correct his own accounts. Apparently, he didn’t consider Meiwald’s input very important at the time, but neither did Meiwald, because he apologizes for not being able to help Salas establish the incident he had originally requested information about. Of course, that didn’t stop Salas, and later Hastings, from publishing that Meiwald had indeed confirmed every aspect of the November Flight missile failures (where Meiwald insists he never served), the UFO that allegedly caused it (that nobody else remembers), and the fact of the ten missiles failing (although Meiwald only recalls 3-4). If you had thought it important enough to contact Col. Meiwald, as I did, you could have confirmed all of this for yourself. But you failed to do so, just as you failed to confirm anything that Walt Figel supposedly told Hastings, all of which Hastings neglected to mention was from an interview conducted in 2008, about which Figel has very clearly accused Hastings of distorting for his own uses and repeatedly lying about since then. I just wondered: why would any journalist worthy of the claim neglect to discuss or otherwise confirm what he’s reported with the gentlemen he has attributed such assertions to?
    by James Carlson

  2. June 16th, 2011 8:48 pm
    I made the mistake of assuming that what you posted last year on my blog about your dad’s views were accurate, James. Does he want to change his story now? But you’re right, I should adhere to higher standards. All I did was listen to Figel’s and Miewald’s statements on tape. Next time I’ll just take your word for it.

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