Thursday, June 30, 2011

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London 'mother ship' UFO video is not viral marketing for movie

(all three video's can be seen below)
We promised to keep you abreast of any new developments and this seems to be the latest information. 

Yesterday, the web was abuzz over a video shot from a busy London sidewalk that claimed to show UFOs darting in and out of the clouds overhead. With the videos going viral in no time, many viewers were asking the same question of 'is it real?' Well, for experts, the video was highly dubious from the start. Now, others are coming forward to declare that not only is the video a fake, but it's nothing more than a publicity stunt for a movie, namely Iron Sky, due out on 2012.

Well, according to the movie makers, it is not.

In a blog entry, Jarmo Puskala, one of the men behind Iron Sky comes right out and says that, in no way, did the movie makers have anything to do with the London UFO video. Then, quickly shifting away from defense, Puskala goes on the attack, blasting the low quality of the footage, with the video's only redeeming nature being a 'jellycam' effect, caused as a function by the way the camera itself operates and then, as a result, would make re-editing more difficult.
However, Puskala reminds readers that, although this jellycam problem would make re-editing in UFOs more difficult, the task is anything but impossible. In the end, Puskala declares that, in his opinion, the video 'is most likely a fake.'
So, if this video is not some viral marketing attempt, why would one bother to make it in the first place? My bet: the age-old desire to trick people.
Quote from Puskala's website
"We would like to make it absolutely clear that we have nothing to do with the video, or the similar Jerusalem UFO video from last January. In our opinion the Norway spiral seen in 2009 seemed a lot more like something we would do.

From a computer graphics point of view the only thing special about the footage is the very visible rolling shutter “jellycam” effect. It’s caused by the way digital cameras work and most visible in cheap cellphone cameras, but even the mighty RED suffers from it. What it means is that it makes it more difficult to add anything to a video that has a strong rolling shutter effect since one would have to add distortion to all the new elements that would match the original video. This does not mean that the London footage is genuine, just that if it’s faked they either a) went to some trouble compositing the UFOs or b) that they added the jellycam effect to a stable video to make it seem more believable".

In today's world it is much easier to create CGI (computer graphics imagery) but there is still one option not many people are talking about and that is that the sighting and the UFOs are real. You be the judge!

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