Thursday, June 23, 2011

SETI, SETIstars, SETI Making a Comeback With Your Help

SETI making a comeback but with your help

Bring back the ATA

If you were saddened by the shut down of the SETI Allen Telescope Array (ATA) last April, you should be happy to know its coming back--if it can get enough crowdfunding going, that is.
The SETIstars group is working to raise enough money to bring the telescope array online again to search for alien life for another year. The goal is to fundraise $200,000 on their site, so let’s all help and pitch in with our donations!

The ATA in Northern California is comprised of a series of 42 small dishes used for researching radio astronomy and searching for evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations. The Array was put into hibernation last April due to a lack of funding when State and the National Science Foundation contributions were significantly cut.

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