Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NASA, Space News, New Way into Space for Astronauts

Mainstream media gives little coverage to the new way Americans go to space

The Soyuz spacecraft has lifted off and you would have thought nothing happened. The mainstream media around the world gave this important event little or no coverage. Is it because the Russians are doing the heavy lifting and NASA has essentially put themselves out of the manned spaceflight business. It makes you wonder if the disclosure issue is looming larger on the horizon. 

SETI has closed, NASA is sending all the shuttle craft to museums, The UN and the Vatican are firm believers in extraterrestrial life, twenty two countries have opened their UFO files.  We now have a Director for Outer Space Affairs, Mazlan Othman who would be in charge of first contact. It seems like every time we take a breath there is another piece of the disclosure puzzle being put in place.  

If you missed seeing information on the Soyuz liftoff, here are the details. 

The international crew (one American, Japanese and Russian) of the Soyuz spacecraft blasted off from the remote Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan early on Wednesday. A Russian cosmonaut and his American and Japanese colleagues have been remembering what led them to space

An international trio has successfully blasted off into orbit aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket. After more than two years of preparation, it took them only about 500 seconds to hit their orbit around the earth.

Now they will spend two days inside the capsule before docking with the International Space Station.
Russian cosmonaut Sergey Volkov, NASA's Michael Fossum, and Satoshi Furukawa of Japan's JAXA space agency  will spend five months in space, undertaking over 40 scientific experiments including cancer research and the ability to grow food in space.
The three members of the multinational crew have been together for nearly two years preparing for this trip. They have traveled all over the world preparing in different Soyuz models and getting ready for their final push into space.
Soyuz rockets are now the first – and very soon the only – option for manned space flight, as the US winds down its shuttle program.

This will be the last crew to welcome a US shuttle to the ISS; the Atlantis is scheduled to dock on July 10.


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