Monday, June 27, 2011

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Truth about Crop Circles

Most people that follow this site know know that I do not regularly publish every crop circle that shows up in the news or on the internet. My belief is that many crop circles are a man-made hoaxes, made for the express purpose of misleading the public. On the other hand approximately 25-40% of crop circles are unexplained and are most likely made for the purpose of communicating with mankind. The legitimacy of crop circles is not necessarily how complicated or elaborate they are. The criteria I use is design, timing, location and the underlying message attempting to be conveyed.

This is a fascinating video that might very well give you some insight on how crop circles are actually being made. 

Lately there have been many crop circles turning up in Italy, my feeling is that they are a hoax and not worth your time to read about nor our time to post! On the other hand when legitimate crop circles turn up anywhere in the world we will attempt to be one of the first sites to cover the story and bring you the images. 
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