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Comet Elenin, Gov't and Corporations Urgently making Disaster Plans

Why the sudden rush for disaster preparedness by every government agency at the same time! 

There are so many theories on what the earth and humanity will or could be facing between now and through the next few years to 2025. Depending on who you talk with or what website you look at many say that we are about to experience some kind of cosmic shift of density and consciousness or they may lean towards the whole doomsday theory based on such ancient predictions from civilizations like the Mayans, Egyptians and Sumerians as well as ancient text like the I Ching. The hot topic these past few years has been mostly the discussion of the theory of a galactic body of various origins flying through space on a head on collision for our solar system and earth being the target. The popular names are Nibiru, Planet X and now Comet Elenin (which depending on what information you look at is either labeled as a comet, asteroid or brown dwarf star). For the past two years I have off and on researched theories and research about Planet X and Nibiru and I have yet to see any proof that is valid enough to give me a solid platform to make a decision. I am certainly not ruling either theory but discretion with a doomsday theory is important.

Recently I have been looking a lot at Comet Elenin that NASA, JPL and other space agencies around the world have been monitoring and I must say this one has me watchful. Now unlike Planet X or Nibiru there is actual data of the monitoring of Comet Elenin. Oh yes I know that if Nibiru or Planet X does exist we aren’t getting the truth about it but it does seem curious what has been recently going on around the world and with governments since Elenin came into the public’s eye.

Now I am not here to tell you what to believe or not believe. I am simply as always give you my perspective on what I am witnessing currently with the planet and try to bring it together for you so that we can try and make sense of what may be coming that is being kept a secret from us. Strange things are taking place on a global scale which is leaving us all to ask why. Animal pandemics, unusual climate changes (Not the kind the elite tell us), an increase and intensity of every kind of natural disaster, continental shifts and increasing activity in our solar system which is effecting every planet including the Sun which in turn has an effect on us. These increasing number of lunar, planetary and other cosmic alignments seem to be having quite the effect on people as well, both bad and good. However cosmic alignments have happened forever. So why would these cosmic events be effecting our planet and humans now? Why is this happening? These are the questions we all need to ask ourselves.

It is no secret that governments have been increasing the building of massive underground facilities, seed vaults and hording life sustaining essentials recently. Many of the global elite have either purchased huge amounts of property in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically South America, and some have already moved there. It would also seem that there is a massive increase in them stating publicly that everyone must make any preparations for disasters. Depending on what agency or government is expressing this concern also depends on the disaster. Some of the major disasters being advertised right now are nuclear, pandemic, chemical-biological, natural (on global scale), solar, global warming and even cosmic to name a few. How interesting that none will touch the purposely man-made disaster issue. Recently I found a video that caused me to look deeper into this new global emergency preparedness craze.

Are the Russians really building these underground shelters in the event of a nuclear disaster? The little neutral country of Switzerland already has enough underground facilities to provide shelter for every single Swiss citizen. Something the United States government would never do. Did you know that the United States government on average builds two to three deep underground facilities each year? That doesn’t even include the ones already built that are constantly being added to. I am going to share a little story with you all but first I want you to look at some other information that sparked this report. Like I said I cannot confirm the existence of Planet X or Nibiru but I can confirm Elenin.

I would like to share a video that I watched a few days ago but before I do it is important for everyone to consider a few things. The person who posted this allegedly found out about an email that was sent out by NASA to all employees on emergency preparedness and somehow the person who uploaded the video made it connect to Comet Elenin. I could not find a real connection but with an experience I will share at the end of this report I find that there could be something to this. One more thing. The NASA official in this video mentions how NASA is the only agency responsible for the People’s safety on Earth and Off Planet. Either NASA is referring to People as in the employees of NASA or they really mean ALL people. The off planet people is interesting since Obama has “stopped” the manned space program. Perhaps NASA is referring to the men and women involved with the International Space Station and those who will embark on the last shuttle mission happening on July 8, 2011(at least tentatively scheduled).

There is no reason to panic but you can examine the information at the following links. 



It is possible that NASA has just jumped on the Emergency Preparedness bandwagon but I can say that never have I seen it on a scale as it is now.

NASA through JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) currently monitors 1,235 potentially hazardous asteroids which can be viewed here. I have looked through quite a few of them and found no Planet X or Nibiru…yet…but I did find the Comet known as C/2010 X1 (ELENIN). With that many Cosmic bodies flying close to Earth’s gravitational field then the question is how many more have NASA not made publicly know and what is it they are not telling us of a real potential hazard.

Just to give you an idea of how many agencies in the United States and International Organizations have embarked on this Emergency Preparedness campaign, which is ALL of them, some examples. For some of these organizations it makes perfect sense to be prepared but all of them speeding in the same direction at the same time seems highly unlikely.

  • United Nations
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • World Health Organization More on the WHO- 
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • The White House Office of Administration
  • Department of Defense (Pentagon) More from the DOD
  • Department of Transportation
  • FEMA
  • NASA
  • Department of Homeland Security (which covers many agencies)
  • Army Corps of Engineers 

Ones to keep an eye on are the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (future report) and the Global Disaster Response Network.

The essential thing is not to panic. Anything that is not known can be worrisome but that can in the end destroy the will to survive.

I have two short stories I want to share before I conclude this report with some final thoughts on the matter.

My encounter with the R & D engineer of JPL

In the summer of 2009 I was taking a needed break from the work I was doing at the time for the Marine Corps Special Ops on Intelligence. I had gone to a local pub in Pasadena, California where I used to live and had an unexpected encounter with a Man who seemed compelled to share some enlightening information with me. Perhaps he had too many pints of beer or perhaps his conscience was getting the best of him. Either way he began to tell me about a project he had been hired to assist with under the Research & Development department of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. 

He explained to me that he was working with certain institutions across the country in a major project that was to retrofit every satellite that was built before a certain date (date unknown). When I asked why, he began to explain further that there had been extensive research and monitoring of a Magnetic Anomaly that was moving through our galaxy and heading towards Earth. I asked if it was a Cosmic Wave and he basically said yes but remained a bit hesitant. The concern that NASA and JPL had was that this Magnetic Anomaly would disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field by means of an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse). 

The idea of the project he was a part of was to launch a massive space mission to upgrade old satellites to protect them from shutting down as a result of this event. I asked him if this would effect the entire planet’s power grid. He said it is absolutely possible. I asked him if this could be prevented. He wouldn’t say or didn’t know. I then asked him if this would be done through secret space launches to keep it from the public. All he would say is that there was preparations being made at the time to launch Unmanned Space Craft but Humans would be needed to make the upgrades. I then asked him when we should expect this wave to hit us at it’s most concentrated point. His reply was that the “Wave” is already effecting Earth and the rest of the Solar System but the climax of it was predicted to hit between 2012 and 2015. On another note about a year and a half later I met Dr. Brooks Agnew and he shared similar information on this topic. The discussion continued but this is the part I wanted to share for now.

Ticket to the D.U.M.B.
As I have stated before in prior interviews I myself have been in Deep Underground Military Bases in various places domestically and elsewhere but even before I went public I heard whispers of it in a town FULL of Elitists. Again when I lived in Pasadena, California, which is a mecca of Elitists that have connections with the Bohemian Grove, OTO, Parsons Corporation and more, I used to go eat at a place that was a hangout for “Ticket Holders”. 

Ticket Holder is the nickname for those who have bought or earned access and/or refuge in a D.U.M.B. in the event of a Global Disaster. One day I was sitting at the bar and three men I would say were in their 50′s or 60′s were discussing some Elite issues and then suddenly one laughed while saying he was glad he had his ticket and glad he didn’t have to live “down there with that run-down Wife” of his. The others laughed and I just listened. At this time in my life I didn’t care about anyone or anything. I can think of at least a dozen separate times I heard older men discuss their D.U.M.B. Tickets at this English pub. The crowd was mixed with Freemasons, Parson employees, high ranking Scientologists, OTO members, Ex-CIA and even some who may or may not have been members of the Bohemian Grove but sure liked discussing it.

So why am I telling you these two stories? Because these first hand encounters tell me that it is an absolute fact that the Elite/Shadow Government know SOMETHING is coming and are either scared or just don’t want to tell us. Perhaps it is Comet Elenin that is going to cause massive earth changes that will be disastrous. Maybe there is something to the Nibiru/Planet X theory. Maybe it is this cosmic wave/magnetic anomaly or maybe it is something else. I simply do not know for sure what it is going to be but I have my theory which is shared by some I highly respect. First let me just say that I don’t subscribe to the theory that our Earth is go through a pole shift any time soon and wipe out most if not all of life on Earth. This planet has been through a major event like this before four times and we are still here.

The bottom line is that something is in the air, we don't know exactly what it is yet but we get a sense that there is something on the way. There just seems to be too much happening right now. To say that 2011 is a preparation year seems to be accurate. So intelligent thoughtful discussion and research is what is needed to stay on top of things and prepare. 

There is no reason to panic but you can examine the information at the following links. 



It is possible that NASA has just jumped on the Emergency Preparedness bandwagon but I can say that never have I seen it on a scale as it is now.

NASA Emergency Plans;  
Facebook Emergency Plans;http://www.cnn.com/2011/TECH/social.media/06/08/facebook.disaster.relief/index.html?iref=NS1

Source; http://truthsurvival.com/2011/06/12/something-big-is-coming-and-the-elite-know-it-but-what-exactly-is-it/
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