Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Area 51, Alien News, Jacobsen's Media Pals Taken for a Ride

Area 51 Personnel Feel 'Betrayed' By Annie Jacobsen's Soviet-Nazi UFO Connection

It seems clear now that Annie Jacobsen intentionally wrote the last seven pager of "Area 51" to cause a sensation. It is also clear the the media fell all over her for interviews in an effort to propel this outrageous piece of fiction onto the best seller list!  As a matter of fact the media (which she is a part of) seem to show no restraint whatsoever. For the most part they even embellished her outlandish story. More sensational hype is what they wanted and that is what they had. As if the mainstream media did not already have a credibility problem on most stories they print. Now that they have fallen in line with Jacobsen false stories, they to will be doubted on anything Area 51 as well as other important UFO related stories. 
It is a shame that the media acted in such an irresponsible manner, it will be extremely hard to take the seriously when the  largest stories of our lives start to unfold in the next year or two! 

A bestselling book on Area 51 is so controversial that it has shocked even its sources with an outrageous claim that the infamous Roswell, N.M., UFO crash of 1947 was really caused by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin and one of the most notorious Nazi criminals.
A group of retired test pilots, engineers and military personnel from the fabled Nevada military installation, who played a crucial role in investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen's new book "Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base" (Little, Brown and Co.), are reportedly unhappy about the writer's shocking conclusion.
"It caught us completely by surprise -- we were blindsided," said T.D. Barnes, a former electronics, radar and communications expert who first came to work at Area 51 in 1968.

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