Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Aliens UFOs Great Nat Geo Video

New National Geographic Special

There are those that think that videos such as this are false flag events, this is a judgement call that you must make on your own. At any rate this is well worth watching!

This is a pretty insightful fictional documentary from National Geographic about aliens coming to earth. While the script eventually has the aliens attacking earth, all the sequences of communication and the steps taken by mankind are very real. It is clear that mankind has given little realistic thought to such an event. 

Many people think that a visitation from aliens would be a very enlightening , with the aliens sharing technology to help us solve problems such as hunger, disease and environmental issues. Anything is possible but we must be prepared for all possible outcomes. 

For part FourFiveSixSeven.

 National Geographic has done a  great job with special effects depicting what might happen in the event of an alien attack. The UFOs and aliens special effects have been very well done. Enjoy! 

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