Saturday, June 25, 2011

Aliens, UFOs, Alien News, Dec 21, 2012 Believers Moving to France

Doomsday believers: French mountain has aliens that will help on Dec 21, 2012

1:40 PM, Jun 24, 2011 
News 9

BUGARACH, France - People in rural town in southern France are amused and scratching their heads over an influx of Doomsday believers flooding into their little village.
Some new-age believers think a cave in a mountain peak near the village is the only place that can survive Judgment Day in 2012.

People in the town, population 194, are mystified that some believe there's an alien spaceship inside a rocky outcrop near the town. One paranormal expert says the belief is that aliens have been living in the mountain for years and the aliens in their UFO emerge and save everyone.

The town's mayor said if the world's going to end, as some believe based on an interpretation of an ancient Mayan calendar, he wouldn't want to survive anyway. Others find the whole thing ridiculous.

"If you are of a rational turn of mind like I like to believe I am, then you find it absolutely incomprehensible that people should come and think that there is any logic in this, that there could be a spaceship garaged under the peak. It's absolutely rubbish," Valerie Austin, a British resident, said.

Whether townspeople believe or not, but it's great for the town. Real estate prices have jumped, and tourism has skyrocketed.
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