Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alien News, UFO News, Are We Alone, No One Believes That Any More

We are not alone

If you believe the earth is flat or that the universe revolves around planet earth then you probably still believe that we are alone in the universe. It is becoming widely accepted that we are not the only life in the universe. Not just through Drakes Equation but through common sense and scientific data. Kepler and Hubble are still in their infancy and have discovered millions of planets that could potentially house life. Quantum physics is just beginning to be understood and accepted and the ramifications are astounding. Are there multiple dimensions and quite possibly multiple universes? Can you only imagine that there are 10 more beings that are identical to you out there, maybe 100 or more! 

We have entered into and age of disclosure and it will take more time for those in the know to start releasing relevant information that they have be holding onto for sometime. The weight of the world is demanding answers and there really is nothing that can hold the truth back.
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