Friday, May 20, 2011

UFO, UFO Sightings 2011, Kansas City Triples Sightings, Video 2 Min

It's been a strange past couple of months for some area people who follow UFO sightings.
They said the number of sightings nearly tripled last weekend alone.
It was not something Felix Figuero and his friends expected to see.
"Yeah, a strange metal-looking ship hovering over Lee's Summit," he said.
Figuero said he never really believed in UFOs until now, and he's not alone. Margie Kay and the Missouri Mutual UFO Network said it was a busy weekend in Kansas City, with 17 different people with sightings contacting her office after last weekend.
Richard Vick wished he would have taken pictures of the strange sight that he saw in the sky Saturday off Interstate 435 and 63rd Street in Missouri.
Officials at Whiteman Air Force base said they did not have anything in the skies Saturday night, and they are not aware of any pending UFO investigations.

For a Link to Channel 5 News Video Click Here (2 minutes)
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