Monday, May 2, 2011

UFO Sighting, UFO Hot Spots, Lake Erie UFO, Multiple UFO Witnesses

This section of sky over Lake Erie has always been a "hot spot" for unidentified flying objects. The FAA and the local Cleveland Airport said these objects are not in normal flight paths or patterns and that none of these objects are coming or going to any of the local airports and they are not showing up on any of the airport radar screens. Once again lights in the sky but with a little compelling evidence to go along with the video! 

The debunkers have been trying to shut this down for a while now saying that the lights are simply radio tower lights from Canada. I have never seen radio tower lights move in the sky nor have I seen a radio tower light move behind one another and then get higher in the sky from a stationery camera.  

Lake Erie a local hot spot for UFO sightings many times with multiple witnesses. 

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