Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UFO, Recent UFO Sighting, Unusual Experience

Unusual UFO Sighting

This is what one individual saw in Florida a short while back. I was out on a date night with my wife and after we finished that, we headed out to the beach. This was on the West side.

We took, what was supposed to be, a romantic walk on the beach. Only to see the oddest thing. As we were walking, we noticed that the waves stopped coming in. It was like the water stopped producing. Sort of like a pond, but this was the ocean and this never happens.

We're looking out at the water together trying to figure out why this was happening, when not to far out, we saw some lights underwater. We watched in amazement as this very bright silver disc slowly raised out of the water.

As soon as it got out of the water it just floated in the air, not moving around about 15 seconds, than shot straight up in the air and out of site. It made absolutely no noise and after it was out of site the waves started to come in as normal.
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