Saturday, May 7, 2011

UFO Disclosure, That You Have Never Seen or Expected, Video

Extremely Unusual Disclosure 

I have some reluctance posting this video but many of the so called "experts" are saying this cannot be faked, it has been around for a while and it is currently making the rounds on the forums and for the most part people are giving it a positive review. If this is real then it is rather amazing and astonishing, you be the judge. One of the things we discuss on Humanities is disclosure but we never expected to see disclosure like this! 

(Move to the 3 min 20 sec mark)

Here is the information that accompanied the video
Go to 3:20 mark on this video

Original notes accompanying this clip are:
(La Selva Beach California) This was one of the “Most Memorable Spiritual Events” and The “Most Beautiful Lights”(3:30) Ive ever seen in my Life! At The “2010 International UFO Congress”
With “Ed Grimsley” I showed this small clip to a few Key UFO Resaerchers, within ten Minutes i had a Crowd around me, of “Everyone who was Anyone” & the oooh & aaahs! Several Documenty Film Makers Interviewed me for their films, “David Serada w. The Discovery Channel” Interviewed Me! “The Foreign Press” Every Respectable Name In The UFO Community that was there at “The Congress” was patting me on the back! “Santiago Yturria” was “Amazed and brought over “

Jaime Maussan” to see this clip & “Jaime Maussan” Interviewed me for his International T.V. Show “Trecer Milenio” Which has the Largest Audience on the Planet!

All the Experts Agreed the video was “Authentic”(you can’t fake this kind of thing) “Bla,Bla,Bla” Enjoy! I am proud because it shut-up a few of my crittics that don’t like my talking to my friends in the sky! Many more “incredible”videos to come! Cheers!

UFO disclosure comes in all shapes and sizes but no one saw this coming.

UFO Disclosure, Like You Have Never Seen or Expected, Video, The Most Unusual Disclosure you have ever seen.
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