Monday, May 2, 2011

UFO Disclosure, Extraterrestrial Contact, Space Race by The Director of UNOOSA!

The United Nations first Director of the "United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs"(UNOOSA) Mazlan Othman speaks to the Royal Society in London. We know that she has been appointed to this office but we really have not heard what she has to say! This is an opportunity to gage who is supposedly in charge when it comes to communicating with Extraterrestrials when the need arises.

This is another piece of full disclosure in the making and we really should be paying attention to all the pieces that are being put in front of us. Between the Vatican, The United Nations and the thirty countries that have started full or partial disclosure, things are moving faster then anyone anticipated. 

So now we have the United Nations, The Vatican and the Royal Society fully engaged on the topic of extraterrestrials and we have many countries around the world coming forward with information they have collected over the years.  Are you beginning to connect the dots or is it still a blur for most of mankind.  

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