Sunday, May 29, 2011

NASA, New Plasma Technology Fights Superbugs

New Technology in space helps us combat the superbugs

The spacemen’s weapon is a superhot, electrically charged gas called plasma developed by scientists.
They found it can zap viruses and super-strains of bacteria such as the drug-resistant MRSA – Staphylococcus aureus – and C difficile that are a major challenge in hospital wards.
International space station as seen from the shuttle
Research into fighting the bugs in space has been led by Dr Gregor Morfill, of Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, since 2001.
With European Space Agency backing, he is adapting the new space technology so that it can beat the superbugs at home and keep patients safe.
Dr Morfill said: “It’s the longest-running space experiment in the history of human spaceflight. What we have with plasma is the possibility to supplement our own immune system.”
Doctor and nurses have seen an alarming rise in superbugs that can survive even the strongest antibiotics. MRSA kills 37,000 people a year in the European Union alone and affects more than 150,000 patients.
A report in The Times in 2008 (latest numbers available)  said that deaths from MRSA and C difficile in the UK had risen above 10,000 a year, though infection rates have fallen since then.
Dr Morfills’s team is adapting a cold plasma weapon that will wipe out the bugs by penetrating deep into cracks and crevices, unlike UV light that just disinfects surfaces.
Dr Morfill says his new system will use plasma’s innate antibacterial properties to make disinfection quick and easy.
He said: “It has many practical applications, from hand hygiene into food hygiene, disinfection of medical instruments, personal hygiene, even dentistry – this could be used in many, many fields.”
The technology could also be used to sterilise spaceprobes and satellites so that they do not carry Earthly contamination to other planets. Read the ESA report on this research here.
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