Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gliese 581d, Life Sustaining Planet, Are Aliens Looking at Us Looking at Them!

New Findings on Gilese 581d
Most Earthlike Planet Yet Found May Have Liquid Oceans

WE know they’re out there, but it seems aliens may live closer to us than we thought…

Astronomers have discovered a water-rich planet where life may exist – and at just 20 light years away it’s in our cosmic backyard.
The newly-discovered world could have an atmosphere, oceans, clouds and rainfall. Scientists believe it is warm and wet enough for aliens to live on.

Called Gliese 581d, the planet is twice the size of Earth. Experts had already ­identified others orbiting the Gliese star – one of the closest to us – but they were either too near to their sun or too far away to sustain life.
But 581d is in the “Goldilocks zone” an area where water could exist as liquid as it is not too hot or cold.

British scientist Dr Robin ­Wordsworth led a team in Paris that studied the planet. He said while it may contain alien life, it would be impossible for humans to live there.
Writing in the Astrophysical Letters journal, he added: “The denser air and clouds would keep the surface in a perpetual murky red twilight. Gravity would be double that on Earth.
“The most important implication of these results may be that life-supporting planets don’t need to be like Earth.”
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