Saturday, May 7, 2011

Full Disclosure, The Vatican, The UN Both on the Road to Our Future...Are You

We find ourselves in a really difficult situation, The Vatican and the UN have both told us they believe in extraterrestrial life, many countries have started to declassify UFO documents, what does it mean and where can we get some answers. The "Allies of Humanity" information (video below) has been around for a while and it is time to take another look. The David Jacobs document, "The Threat" (link below) has also been around for a bit but many have never heard of it. It time to start paying attention and these documents to get some answers. They will at least fill in some blanks no matter where you are in the process.

The Allies of Hummanity is a must watch series for anyone serious about exploring what is happening around us. What can we expect in the future and how we should prepare. The message is good but it is being delivered in an annoying electronic voice but stay with it because you will get answers.

Dr. Jacobs started his study of the UFO phenomenon in 1966, his quest for knowledge has evolved over time. He has come up with conclusions and answers. This is not a short little electronic read, like any serious research you have to put in the time to understand the conclusions that Dr. Jacobs has reached over the years of his professional career. It is an investment in time and effort but one worth making.

While you will learn much studying each of these materials they reach the same conclusion independently.

You will gain different knowledge and wisdom by watching, Summers Allies of Humanity and reading David Jacobs, The Threat, Revealing The Secret Alien Agenda, they reach the same answers but travel different roads to get there.
If nothing more you will get some answers as to what to expect in the future!

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