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Area 51, Conspiracy, Government Secrets, What Story Put Area 51 on the Map

Area 51 has really been in the spotlight this past week with the release of Annie Jacobsen's book Area 51 (An Uncensored History of Americas Top Secret Military Base), which features interviews with ex-employees working at the base.

In the past, stories about black projects, such as the U2 spy plane, the SR-71, stealth aircraft, and the back engineering of Russian MiGs, mentioned this sort of work being done somewhere in the Nevada desert, but were not specific. The first article I could find that actually mentions the name Area 51 is in the tabloid, Weekly World News, from 1980. The article is about the work of two Las Vegas reporters, Ned Day of the Las Vegas Valley Times, and Bob Stodal of KLAS TV. They say that, like Jacobsen but many years earlier, they too had interviewed employees from the base.

They were told that laser weapons were being developed there, along with a plane so secret that when it comes out of its hangar a siren goes off and “all personal lie face down to make sure they don’t look at it.” You can read the entire story below. Although stories like this appeared every so often, none of them hit the public as hard as another story from KLAS TV in 1989. 

This is the story that arguable put Area 51 on the map.In November of 1989, KLAS investigative reporter George Knapp interviewed Bob
Lazar, a man who claimed to have worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51. The story made worldwide headlines and forever linked Area 51 with extraterrestrials.

Lazar claims that he was a physicist working on reverse engineering advanced propulsion systems retrieved from extraterrestrials. He worked in an underground base called S4, about 8 miles south of Area 51. At one point he was shown the craft, that the system he was working on came from, and found that there were several extraterrestrial space craft stored in hangars at the base. He says most of them were disk shaped and had a metallic skin that could become completely transparent. He put together a home video explaining the science behind his work at S4 which can be seen below.

Lazar no longer works at the base because he says he was caught leaking information about the testing times of the flying saucers. He had told several friends when the tests were happening and where to go to see them. His friends videotaped strange lights in the area on several occasions until one time they were met by security. Their video was confiscated, and they say they were threatened and told never to come back. Lazar was then fired and threatened himself. Some of their video can be seen below.

Lazar’s story was challenged and scrutinized, and is still highly debated. Records of Lazar’s claims regarding his employment and education could never be found, and Lazar says they were erased by the government. Knapp did find a phonebook for Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), a top secret facility Lazar claimed to work with, and although LANL claimed they found no records of his employment, he was listed in the phonebook. Knapp also found a news report about jet car races Lazar was involved with that also listed him as employed by LANL.

However, Lazar claims to have degrees from the California Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, neither of which can be confirmed. In 1990 it was also revealed that Lazar had ran brothels, this further damaged his credibility. One of his brothels was legal, but he was charged with pandering for an illegal prostitution operation he had ties to that was not.

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Clearly Lazar is the man that put Area 51 on the map, are his credentials impeccable, certainly not, but wouldn't  you expect them to be suspect if the government had gone to great lengths to discredit him. Also it would be easy enough to erase or delete someone university records telephone directory records and employment records. The one thing that almost lends credibility to Lazar are the stories about the brothels he used to operate. What better way to destroy a physicist with degrees from Southern Cal and MIT credibility then to say they primary source of income was a whorehouse. Lazar is a lighten rod for controversy but this is enough information out there about him for each of us to make up our own minds
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