Sunday, May 1, 2011

Alien Contact, Alien Message, The Code Finally Released by the National Security Agency, NSA

When you put the Rendlsham Forest Incident along with the newly released information from National Security Agency (NSA) everything starts to make a lot more sense! 

Everything in this life revolves around mathematics, from how you put one foot in front of another to how an aircraft gets off the ground. The fastest way to going from Point A to Point B is pure and simple math. So what is the most logical way to communicate with ET, it would be through math. When you give it some thought, that would be the only way possible. It would be the "universal language" and to get it down to even further basics it would be binary code, simply, the same type of code that computer programs are written in.

So what does this have to do with things happening today, well the National Security Agency was taken to court in 1984 and told to release information that they had collected on communicating with extraterrestrials. The NSA did release the information but never made the code available until late April of 2011. Typical government inefficiency or another government cover-up, probably a bit of both!

There were a total of 29 contact messages that NSA got their hands on and they are not making it easy for the general population to decipher any of this information. In time we can expect computer programmers and other to provide a valid explanation of what is in these messages but it will be doubtful that the mainstream media will get out this information in any meaningful way.

The NSA Video has been removed twice from the internet, consequently I have removed it from this post. 

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