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The UFO Crash at Kecksburg and the Cover-up

Kecksberg PA UFO Crash - 1965

This case has it all, maybe even more than anyone bargained for; hundreds if not thousands of witnesses from multiple states in two countries, immediate military cover-up, missing photographs taken by the government, men in black and possible murder. The military and NASA changing their stories, missing or destroyed reports, NASA contradicting the Air Force, missing or damage space debris, a court case where even the judge acknowledges his frustration with the government obvious cover-up. The more you dig the deeper the conspiracy gets and the more obvious it becomes that a poor cover-up was put in place!

Trajectory and path of UFO through Canada and the US

The Kecksburg UFO incident occurred on December 9, 1965 at Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, USA. A large, brilliant fireball was seen by thousands in at least six U.S. states and Ontario, Canada. It streaked over the Detroit, Michigan/Windsor, Ontario area, reportedly dropped hot metal debris over Michigan and northern Ohio, starting some grass fires and caused sonic booms in Western Pennsylvania. It was generally assumed and reported by the press to be a meteor after authorities discounted other proposed explanations such as a plane crash, errant missile test, or reentering satellite debris.

However, eyewitnesses in the small village of Kecksburg, about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburg, claimed something crashed in the woods. A boy said he saw the object land; his mother saw a wisp of blue smoke arising from the woods and alerted authorities. Another reported feeling a vibration and "a thump" about the time the object reportedly landed.Others from Kecksburg, including local volunteer fire department members, reported finding an object in the shape of an acorn and about as large as a Volkswagon Beetle. Writing resembling Egyptian hieroglyphics was also said to be in a band around the base of the object. Witnesses further reported that intense military presence, most notably the United States Army, secured the area, ordered civilians out, and then removed the object on a flatbed truck. At the time, however, the military claimed they searched the woods and found "absolutely nothing".

A reporter and news director for the local radio station WHJB, John Murphy, arrived on the scene of the event before authorities had arrived, in response to several calls to the station from alarmed citizens. He took several photographs and conducted interviews with witnesses. His former wife Bonnie Milslagle later reported that all but one roll of the film were confiscated by military personnel. WHJB office manager Mabel Mazza described one of the pictures: "It was very dark and it was with a lot of trees around and everything. And I don't know how far away from the site he was. But I did see a picture of a sort of a cone-like thing. It's the only time I ever saw it."
In the following weeks, Murphy became enveloped with the incident and wrote a radio documentary called Object in the Woods, featuring his experiences and interviews he had conducted that night. Shortly before the documentary would have aired, he received an unexpected visit at the station from two men in black suits identifying themselves as government officials. They requested to speak with him in a back room behind closed doors. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes. A WHJB employee, Linda Foschia, recalled the men confiscated some of Murphy's audio tapes from that night, and that no one knows what happened to the remaining photographs.

A week after the visit, an agitated Murphy aired a censored version of the documentary, which he claimed in its introduction had to be edited due to some interviewees requesting their statements be removed from the broadcast in fear of getting in trouble with the police and Army. The new version contained nothing revealing, and did not mention an object at all. Mazza, and also Murphy's wife, remember the aired documentary was entirely different from what Murphy had originally written. (See pp. 4–5 of CFI's report in External links for details of the aired documentary.)

After the airing, Murphy became uncharacteristically despondent and completely stopped all investigation on the case and refused to talk to anyone about it again, and never gave clear reasons why. In February 1969, Murphy was struck and killed by an unidentified car in an apparent hit - and - run while crossing a road. The hit-and-run occurred near Ventura, California while Murphy was on vacation.

Other witnesses:

After the television show, “Unsolved Mysteries” was aired, two witnesses came forward. One was a USAF officer at the Lockbourne Air Force Base (near Columbus, Ohio) who stated that in the early hours of December 10, 1965, a truck arrived by the little used gate of the base and he was ordered to patrol it. It was a flat-bed truck with a large tarpaulin on the surface covering a conical object. He was ordered to shoot anyone who tried to get too close.

The other witness was a building contractor who was asked two days later to take a load of 6,500 special bricks to the hanger inside Wright Patterson Air Base. When he sneaked a look inside the hangar, he saw a bell-shaped devise, some 12 feet high sitting there. Several men wearing white anti-radiation style suits were inspecting the object. 

In this case, a large number of witnesses reported seeing an “acorn shaped” UFO crash-land in the woods of Kecksburg on the night of December 9th, 1965. Despite that, NASA officials insist they have no records documenting its origin, recovery or supposed removal by the military. Numerous witnesses reported that the USAF, US Army, NASA, and unknown government agents at the scene covered up the incident while recovering something. Some researchers consider this case as being the “second Roswell”. Others consider this incident as nothing but a ‘conventional’ cover-up of a downed Soviet space probe, but this scenario was reject by the American and Russians.

The general public seems to be satisfied that this was a meteor and while the case will probably never be closed, in the meantime it has put peoples fears of the unknown at ease. 

Follow this link for a full list of Worldwide Mass UFO Sightings.  

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