Saturday, April 30, 2011

UFO and Aliens Attending the Royal Wedding, You Decide!

A TOURIST filmed a UFO hovering over Westminster Abbey - the venue for The Royal Wedding. Did UFOs and Aliens actually show up!

Stories such as this I am always reluctant to publish or I do so with tongue in cheek but after viewing the video I found it intriguing to say the least. We also know that the Sun is not the bastion of truth or cornerstone of journalistic honesty but view the video and decide for yourself!  

The 2½-minute video footage shows a shimmering white object in a cloudless blue sky near Big Ben.

Video: UFO above Westminster

DOES Dutch tourist's clip mean aliens will be watching Royal Wedding?

It seems to move and shift shape but to have three sections. The tourist who posted the video on the Internet wrote: "First we thought it was a parachute but it was way too high up".
"It changed shape but stayed there for at least 30 minutes, then I lost sight of it". 

The sighting emerged shortly after a retired US Air Force Major predicted extraterrestrial would visit earth to see Will and Kate tie the knot.
UFO researcher George Flier said mystery craft were often spotted during major world events. He claimed that he had already been tipped off by RAF pilots about an increasing number o0f recent sightings over the English Channel.

He added: "They see to have an interest in anything important."
The Westminster video lasted 2 min 34 seconds.

British UFO expert Nick Pope, who worked for the Department of Defense, said "I think it should be investigated if it's feared it could be a threat to the Royals. 

UFO and Aliens either have a strong desire to follow major events on earth or they just have need a good chuckle from time to time!  

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