Saturday, April 30, 2011

Planetary Alignment means Alien Contact, UFO Disclosure, Alien Disclosure or Just Something Unique in the Morning Sky

When the Planets Align

Many people think that when the planets align that it will be the fulfillment of 2012 predictions, alien contact or at the very least full UFO disclosure but in reality we will see some really great stuff in the morning sky!   

Expect a wonderful parade of planets between April 30 and May 14, 2011, but you need to be an early riser to see it. 

Apr 30, 2011:  A Parade of Planets – During the last week of April and the first two weeks of May, our predawn sky will be buzzing with activity as the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter cluster together and glide past each other in apparent near collisions.  Of course, most of the drama is overplayed since these planets are really millions of miles apart and their close proximity in our sky is merely a line-of-sight trick.  Still, to see that many bright planets in such a tight grouping is a remarkable sight and one that you will not soon forget.  The fun begins around 5:00 am on April 30, when the thin crescent Moon and Venus first rise above the eastern horizon.

During the first three weeks of May, the planets Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter will cluster in our predawn sky for some spectacular groupings. Last August, a similar gathering of planets graced our evening sky. Seen in this image are the crescent Moon and the bright planet Venus, with Mars to Venus' upper left and Saturn to her right.

All this is rather technical for those that are so inclined but otherwise just be informed that the morning sky will be like no other you have seen in a longtime. Get up early and feast your eyes on the best planetary alignment you have ever seen! 

Mercury follows moments later and the Mars-Jupiter pair appears after that.  The Moon, Venus and Jupiter should be easy to spot, but Mercury and Mars will be a little more challenging in the brightening sky.  Over the next three weeks, watch for Mars to pass only 0.4º from Jupiter on May 1, Mercury to pass 1.5º from Venus on May 7, Jupiter and Venus to pass within 0.5º of each other on May 11, Mercury to pass 2º from Mars on May 21, and Mars to pass only 1º from Venus on May 23.  Saturn is the only naked eye planet not participating in this planet parade.  He has the evening sky all to himself and is still basking in his own spotlight after his April 3 opposition.

So the bottom line is that we cannot rule out alien contact,  full disclosure or even 2012 predictions coming to fruition but we can plan to see some really great sights in the morning sky for the next two weeks.  

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