Monday, April 18, 2011

Mankind Needs to Break Away from Conventional Thinking to Discover Life in the Universe

What great discoveries await mankind

The eyes of the world were opened in a realistic fashion by the discovery of Gliese581C because mankind discovered a planet that is very similar to earth. While this is a revelation to many it was only a starting point, what Hubble has brought us in the past 21 years is nothing short of breath-taking. Kepler, launched in 2009 on the other hand has a very specific mission ..............Kepler is a planet hunter—it's strict goal is to find Earth-like worlds. To locate them, the telescope is looking for transits—times when terrestrial-size planets cross in front of their star, temporarily darkening it. If the darkening is just the right amount, and happens on a regular schedule, that could be evidence of an earth-sized world.

Soon we will begin to understand and expand our efforts to include planets that do not need to match the environment of earth. We are so limited by our thinking that we need to believe that if there is life out there it must be similar to life here on earth. What a preposterous point of view and what a limited way of thinking. NASA already announced that they have found life capable of sustaining itself in cyanide, deep sea explorers have already found life at the oceans depth that live without sunlight. 

There is merit to conventional thinking but only in a conventional world, once you step out into the universe all bets are off and your thinking better take on new dimensions if you really want to discover the secrets of the universe! Only in the last decade has man even entertained the thought of multiple dimensions and multiple universes, this kind of thinking is hopeful and will eventually gain us entrance into the greater universe!  

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