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Majestic 12, Majic 12, MJ-12, Documents too Hot to Ignore!

The existence of the Majestic 12, MAJIC, or MJ-12 has long been a subject of debate or even ridicule. However, if you accept the premise that the U.S. government has a recovered alien craft in their possession or even simply  believed them to be real then at some point, people would have been mobilized to study the facts and/or artifacts. In addition, you would have to concede that there would be some trail, no matter how secretive, of the creation of this group.

Alleged members of MJ-12

You would also at some point expect the FBI or other elite intelligence organization to inspect the documents and deem the to be a fraudulent simply to continue the cover-up. This is precisely what happened! 

The FBI investigated the documents, and concluded they were forgeries, based primarily on an opinion rendered by the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). Errors in formatting and chronology have also divided UFO researchers over their authenticity.

While some of the documents can be shown as possibly falsified, the overall story and history is remarkably consistent, in line with other period docs, and indicative of the kind of people you would want to study this phenomenon. If the docs are the concerted effort of a group of con-men, then they have certainly gone through a lot of research, effort, and hard work to not profit from it. We know for a fact that if you wanted to convene and expert panel to research this phenomena, each and every one of these 12 men would have something relevant to offer. 

While these documents remain controversial the one thing that everyone agrees on is that it would have been shocking if there were no blue ribbon panel put together under President Harry S. Truman to study the UFO phenomena which was being reported from coast to coast at the time.

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In 1985, another document mentioning MJ-12 and dating to 1954 was found in a search at the National Archives. Its authenticity is also highly controversial. The documents in question are rather widely available on the Internet, for example, it is even on the FBI website, where it is concluded they are fraudulent. Would you expect any other conclusion. Also what is the best way to hide the truth, in plain sight, so put it on the FBI website! 

President Harry S. Truman
Sightings of UFOs were coming in all over the country at the time and the papers in Roswell claimed that the military had recovered a down UFO. The US military experiments for nuclear weapons was at and all time high and this appears to many, even today, to be a magnetic for UFO activity.  There would have been no better time in the history of the USA to put together a team of experts to examine the facts and report their findings to President Truman. It seems more then odd that to this day people still turn away from such an obvious truth. I assume this is because the the government started their misinformation program around the same time frame to create as many naysayers and skeptic as possible. They obviously has some success with their misinformation program.

Majestic is a groundbreaking look at the United States UFO program called The Majestic and the top secret government documents that tell the story of presidential and military action, authorization, and cover-up regarding UFOs and their alien occupants. A remarkable work of investigative journalism, this website is the first to authenticate top secret UFO documents that tell a detailed story of the crashed discs, alien bodies, presidential briefings, and superb secrecy. Special attention is paid to the forensic authentication issues of content, provenance, type, style and chronology. The story the documents tell leaves the reader with little doubt that the cover-up is real, shocking, and at times unethical.

Operation Majestic-12 was established by special classified presidential  order on September 24, 1947 at the recommendation of Secretary of Defense James Forrestal*(pictured right) and Dr. Vannevar Bush,(pictured left) Chairman of the Joint Research and Development Board. The goal of the group was to exploit everything they could from recovered alien technology. It should be mentioned at this point that James Forrestal was the only member that wanted this information to be put on the public record. He was later committed to Bethesda Naval Hospital and died of very suspicious circumstances. You will find a link below to the full story! 

Buried in a super-secret "MAJIC EYES ONLY" classification that was above TOP SECRET - long before the modern top secret codeword special access programs of today - Major General Leslie R. Groves (who commanded the Manhattan Project to deliver the atomic bomb) kept just one copy of the details of crashed alien technology in his safe in Washington, D.C.                                                                                     

Ambitious, elite scientists such as Vannevar Bush, Albert Einstein, and Robert Oppenheimer, and career military people such as Hoyt Vandenberg, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, Leslie Groves, and George Marshall, along with a select cast of other experts, feverishly and secretively labored to understand the alien agenda, technology, and their implications.

Einstein and Oppenheimer were called in to give their opinion, drafting a six-page paper titled -Relationships With Inhabitants Of Celestial Bodies.- They provided prophetic insight into our modern nuclear strategies and satellites, and expressed agitated urgency that an agreement be reached with the President so that scientists could proceed to study the alien technology.

The extraordinary recovery of fallen airborne objects in the state of New Mexico, between July 4 - July 6, 1947, caused the Chief of Staff of the Army Air Force-s Interplanetary Phenomena Unit, Scientific and Technical Branch, Counterintelligence Directorate to initiate a thorough investigation. The special unit was formed in 1942 in response to two crashes in the Los Angeles area in late February 1942, you will find a link to this story below. The draft summary report begins -At 2332 MST, 3 July 47, radar stations in east Texas and White Sands Proving Ground, N.M. tracked two unidentified aircraft until they both dropped off radar. Two crash sites have been located close to the WSPG. Site LZ-1 was located at a ranch near Corona, Approx. 75 miles northwest of the town of Roswell. Site LZ-2 was located approx. 20 miles southeast of the town of Socorro, at latitude 33-40-31 and longitude 106-28-29-.
The first-ever-known UFO crash retrieval case occurred in 1941 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. This crash kicked off early reverse-engineering work, but it did not create a unified intelligence effort to exploit possible technological gains apart from the Manhattan Project uses.

The debris from the primary field of the 1947 crash 20 miles southeast of Socorro, New Mexico was called ULAT-1 (Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technology), and it excited metallurgists with its unheard-of tensile and shear strengths. The fusion nuclear (called neutronic at that time) engine used heavy water and deuterium with an oddly arranged series of coils, magnets, and electrodes - descriptions that resemble the -cold fusion- studies of today.

Harry Truman kept the technical briefing documents of September 24, 1947 for further study, pondering the challenges of creating and funding a secret organization before the CIA existed (although the Central Intelligence Group or CIG did exist) and before there was a legal procedure of funding non-war operations.

In April 1954, a group of senior officers of the U.S. intelligence community and the Armed Forces gathered for one of the most secret and sensational briefings in history. The subject was Unidentified Flying Objects - not just a discussion of sightings, but how to recover crashed UFOs, where to ship the parts, and how to deal with the occupants. For example, in the -Special Operations Manual (SOM1-01) Extraterrestrial Entities Technology Recovery and Disposal,- MAJESTIC-12 -red teams- mapped out UFO crash retrieval scenarios with special attention given to press blackouts, body packaging, and live alien transport, isolation, and custody.
Majestic is not another rehash of the famous Roswell story - it contains over 500 pages (and growing) of newly surfaced documents, many of which date years before the Roswell crash. Unlike other websites, a central theme of validating authenticity is woven throughout the site while telling the exciting story of the U.S. government's work on retrieval and analysis of extraterrestrial hardware and alien life forms from 1941 to present.

The Majestic documents tell a mind-boggling story of deception, intelligence and counterintelligence, revolutionary alien technology, missing nuclear weapons, and compartmentalized secrecy spanning in time from the first crashed disc retrieval in 1941 until three days before President Kennedy-s assassination in 1963.

Were the Kennedy' briefed on UFOs

"Our investigation team, led by Robert and Ryan Wood-a father and son team with 50 years of combined UFO study-has applied their skills as both sleuths and scholars. Painstakingly verifying -deep throat- sources, meticulously analyzing old and controversial documents, they arrive finally at conclusions that are as well grounded in fact as they are stunning in their implications". (From


UFO-related secret programs have consumed a significant part of America-s black budget since the Manhattan Project. The 1997 government-disclosed intelligence budget portion alone is $26 billion and according to Tim Weiner-s 1990 book Blank Check, the total black-budget was about $35 billion in 1990. Even the most sensational conspiracy of modern times-the Kennedy assassination-is likely linked to the UFO cover-up and the military cabal, as several of the documents demonstrate.

Overall, the United States UFO program grew out of necessity. First, to determine the alien threat, second to exploit their advanced technology in any way we could to gain a military, economic or even a psychological advantage and win World War II, and third to maintain power, authority, and control of both technology, governments, and world stability. Initially, to make the project public would have sent unpredictable turmoil into science, religion, politics, and global economics.

Even the most hardened skeptic, after reviewing the data presented and seeing copies of the original documents, will find it hard to deny the reality of military and government cover-up for over 50 years. All of the usual questions, which the thoughtful skeptical reader has, have either already been addressed or soon will be with all the ongoing research.

James Forrestal was found dead at Bethesda Naval Hospital under very suspicious circumstances. For a link to the story on Forrestal;

For a link to the Feb 25, 1942 UFO incident

Actual Documents for your viewing

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