Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aliens and UFOs to Attend the Royal Wedding of Kate and William

Royal Family has long standing tradition of UFO and Alien interest!!

UFOs are a royal tradition.  Prince Philip is described as a "keen UFO follower" for the last 36 years.  Prince Charles got chased by a glowing red object in 1986 while piloting a RAF airplane. The Queen herself is interested in crop circles and has been photographed inside one. Earl Mountbatten, uncle of Prince Philip, has been said to see UFOs up close.  Given the long standing relationship that our friends from other worlds have had with the Royal Family,  although they are not on the guest list, it isn't surprising that UFOs would want to attend Kate and and William's Royal Wedding.  AOLNews reports:

You can buy china plates, copies of Kate Middleton's ring, copies of the dress she wore to the announcement of her engagement, condoms that have a picture of William and Kate on the box and advise you to "Lie back and think of England" when you use them, stuffed teddy bears, posters, barf bags (they say "Throne Up" on them), you name it. The Royal Wedding is off the hook, and its popularity is only second to Diana's wedding to Prince Charles.  Upwards of a billion people are expected to watch the Royal Wedding live on Friday.  The whole world loves the Royals, and as it turns out, so do our neighbors in other galaxies.

George Filer, a retired Air Force major, runs the National UFO Center and says it's common to see UFOs around important events and predicts the Royal Wedding will be no exception. 
Filer says his center averages more than 1,000 sightings a month, and he expects to get a few UFO reports from the area surrounding Westminister Abbey, the site of the April 29 wedding.
There are two reasons behind Filer's prediction: In the last few weeks, he's been getting reports from British Royal Air Force pilots who reported seeing UFOs over the English Channel, and, more importantly, he says the royal family is very interested in the UFO phenomenon.
It would indeed be an interesting thing if that interest was returned.   What kind of gifts would aliens bring to a Royal Wedding?  Hopefully not another toaster or an Ipod with their own speeches on it. We would like to see something a little more out of this world.  
We have it on a good source that UFOs and Aliens would be welcomed! 
Source: goddiscussion.com 

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